This Fire

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Submitted: August 06, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



This Fire

This fire that I feel in my heart, you sparked it with that feeling of your kiss.

Didn't know what love tasted like, till I felt your lips lips against mine.

I feel time slow, as we dance with my hands wrapped around your hips.

Girl are you a drug, cause I feel like we've gone through so many trips.


Glad that you chose to stay, cause most people show themselves to be fake.

When a struggle arises or a problem shows, they always just used to fold and break.

Feel like my eyes were closed for so long, but you were the one that made me awake.

Showed me that there's so much waiting for in this world, we just got to have the heart to take.


Wrapping my arms around you, I never felt so complete.

The fire in my heart, you were the flame that instilled that heat.

When my heart skips, it skips only when it sees you for you make it beat.

Been heart broken before, but with you I know it's not a repeat.

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