Mind Game

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The poem is all about the people we see daily in our life and their multiface.It also describes how difficult is is for a person who doesnt know to wear such a mask.It depicts the pain of a true
heart to tackle such mind games.

I hadnt been here before As I never noticed this door As I look around I wonder how to count

I look for only one And,I end up with a ton! What should I choose And,What should I leave? I guess,I would thieve!

Happy,Sad,Cool and Hot Angry,Calm and What not? One,two,three and four As,I pick out more and more, The numbers don't adore.

What can satiate a fickle mind? What can palliate a stable thought? I reject those I chose I want only one to close

All I need is a stable numb and,that's why here I come No,there is no such thing I decide to cease this fling

I move back towards the door This game is a real bore The masks don't help me to cope I would rather live in hope..

Submitted: August 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Saran. All rights reserved.

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Hope is better than pretending, than living with with a mask and trying to figure out what to be. I really liked how you expressed that through this poem. You've got a really nice rhyme scheme going on, and I think it would highlight it more and make it easier to read if you broke up your sentences. You've already got the structure there, it just doesn't look like a poem like this. You're poem really's good, and it has a very important in it; live in hope.

Tue, August 7th, 2018 10:47am

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