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microface travels the world of club penguin private servers, and it had a huge impact on him.

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018




I would like to say to the reader, thank you for reading this book. I put effort into this and I hope it would be interesting for you. Enjoy reading!








When it all began.

The time I joined CPPS.me. I was by the username "cereal8767" at that time.
Around June, I discovered about "pookies" and started to act like one.
I gained so much attention that I actually made a YouTube video about
Pookies. The title of the video was: "Pookie Hangout! Ep. 1".

And to all of you curious viewers out there, I lost the link to the video.

Anyways, during September, I left CPPS.me in search for a new Club Penguin
Private Server. It was about this time that I discovered "Flippr".
Flippr had a big impact on me when I joined. I forgot my username, but
I still can remember what happened. There was a Ninja Party, where players
can transform into Elemental Spirits and players can unlock the new
Shadow Dojo. By that time I met a friend on Flippr, who always was there
for me and we always worked together. I forgot the name of him aswell.

And then I joined a CPPS called "mirai.so" (now Penguin Oasis). When I
joined, I saw the ridiculous amount of people who had NameGlow, BubbleChat
Glow, and so on. They acted like teenagers, where they would talk about
mature topics that I didn't understand at that time.

All of these CPPSes (except for Flippr) were all ActionScript 2. (AS2).



The time where I was a ActionScript 3 addict. I found a CPPS server called
VIPenguin (now defunct). which had all the regular features in a miscellaneous
Club Penguin Private Server. In a short period of time, I left VIPenguin
in favor of VirtualPenguin (also defunct). When I joined VirtualPenguin,
there were countless amounts of "edgy" and mature-acting people, who had
dark descriptions and all the players would have a BFF and a Married Person.
I would describe VirtualPenguin in three simple words:

"It was chaotic."

2016 was a short period for me, and not that much informative.



My most common era, to be exact. 2017 was the year Club Penguin Rewritten was born. I created an
account, named "Shokkin" around March. The Mountain Expedition was happening. I was only around a
hundred people to register an account. I completed the Mountain Expedition, and one person sparked
my eye.


Yes, I know some of you dislike Drivr3joe because he started drama in the CPR community, but we're
talking about the past, my friends.


Joe had a big impact on my Club Penguin life. He added me on CPR, I made some videos with him,
It was great. Here are some of the videos Joe made with me if you are a curious person like me:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iqXRFNlwDc - Bad Jokes
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QefEgP52maA - Drivr3joe Q&A

Until I got so immature.
I've gone to CPR daily just to have conversations with Joe. With some friends of his, We had
some pretty funny conversations to be honest. I even created an account called "Drivr4joe".

I also created a YouTube account called "ShokkinCPR". If you're curious here's the link to the channel:


Looking back at these events makes me cringe.

But at some point during Summer, I moved on from the Club Penguin Community for a while, in favor
of ROBLOX. I stopped playing CPPSes for the rest of the year, till something happened in 2018.



The year when I came back to the Club Penguin Community. After hearing Club Penguin Rewritten
shutdown, it convinced me to go back to the community.

Club Penguin Rewritten eventually came back by cprewritten.net. I was happy that our accounts got
restored and not making new ones. This was also the year that the CPPS Community started bringing
fresh and new CPPSes!

Penguin Zone

Joined around Late June, Penguin Zone was the CPPS that inspired me to be a good person in general.
I used to interact in the Discord alot, and I turned out to be a Penguin of the Week on August 6!
Mjjrrb905 and Limegreenicy, both were very nice people!

Penguin Falls Reborn

Joined since the Beta Party,  Penguin Falls Reborn was the first time I had to interact with some
pretty famous people in the CPPS Community! Such as Uri2000 and Igor500. The PFR Community
is always there to help you and just have fun in general!

And many more CPPSes that got me back into the CPPS Community!

Penguin Park
Club Penguin Central (not really a CPPS but a blog)
Community Penguin
CPReborn (rebranded, now known as WaddleUp!)

And many more!


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