Fake Love

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near a time in my life when I didn't allow myself or know how to feel love. What is love? Sleeping around could be more satisfying than opening yourself up and getting hurt over and over..physical
without emotions

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



Comin from a broken family

proved to be a major calamity

The word ‘love’ was thrown around;

it was meaningless, like dirt on the ground

I guess I searched for what I couldn’t find

but by doin that, I put myself in several binds

I let my heart open, and thought people cared for me

but I just got used, and stepped on, ‘til I broke free

Couples would keep talking bout how they’d make love


But what is making love?


Truth is- it’s just screwing and getting fucked

Most guys use girls ‘n wanna get their dicks sucked

“I’m really glad you’re here with me” some have said

When really it doesn’t matter what girl is layin in their bed

Matter of fact, girls be like that too, try’na get head


If that’s what love is all about

Then just go ‘n count me out

Tired of that shit; people playin games

They’ll remember your digits, but not your name

Don’t give a damn bout what you want

Just try’nta get at what you flaunt


So open your legs, spread ‘em wide

You obviously ain’t got nothin to hide

But if you expect ‘em to love ‘n respect you,

You better open your eyes and get a clue

Nobody will love or respect a whore

They just wanna get laid, nothing more

So if you truly want o find the one…

Fuck it. Just use your imagination

Use your own hand and get the job done.

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