A Short African Tale : 1

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This is one of what i would like to be a compilation of many short stories right from Africa. Thank you for reading! Shalom!

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



There was once a man in a very far away land .He wasn't rich nor poor.He worked hard and therefore he was very stable .He had a wife and two boys who were quite young and together they had a lovely home.Even though he was't super rich in gold ,this man had a heart of gold,it exceeded even the largest gold mine in the counrty. He was known for his kindness where he lived and worked. Wherever he could, he helped in every way possible because he said , "you don't know who'll help you tomorrow. His home became a safe haven for the broken, rejected, lonely, hungry and fatherless. He became a behefactor to many with what he had. All these were done in the eyes of his community where he and his family lived. The community marvelled at such kindness and wondered where such a man had come from! Truly! An angel had descended in their midst. Unfortunately, the man was diagnosed with an incurable disease and he died. This left many who had put their hope in him in shambles especially his wife and children who solely depended on him. They were left alone. No comforters! What were they going to do? Who would take care of them? Then! She remembered ,"now i will call on the people who used to frequent our home because we now have fallen in hard times maybe they can be a source of comfort to us". And, she made that call others helped for a while. And yet, others laughed ,"she's now begging"! And others chased the blessers ,"don't help them"! Others, " i have helped you before! Go away! Ungrateful woman"! And others ,"you now come because you have trouble"! These are some of the few things she encountered in her journey. All the good she and her husband had invested in flew out the window after his death. Of course there's noperfection to this world and she was not exempted. She became 'an evil witch', 'ungrateful woman'. She suffered to no end and her suffering was increased by the ones she had raised.

My people you have heard this story. What can be said of this woman and her husband? What shall we say about all these people?

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