not One in the Same

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Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



Never used to understand why he fell asleep watchin TV

Or when he stood up straight, he’d be spillin his coffee

And why he wouldn’t wake up when I smacked him, yelling “Daddy?!

-Wake up!” he’s on the floor, flailing.

The ambulance is coming, I can hear the sirens wailing..


What I didn’t know at the time is what caused his seizure,

Until I noticed he was poppin pills at his own leisure

The things both my sisters and I did witness..

mom bringing home different guys, which was ‘none of our business’

then what the fuck is, if not hearin you the next room over bang some stranger

putting yourself and all of your kids in danger.

Susceptible to abuse,

Contribution to our substance use


-age, it’s a number, it ain’t a game

The lives we’ve lived, they’re one in the same.

© Copyright 2018 Amber Skye. All rights reserved.

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