Knitting Needles

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Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



“Just one needle, or better yet two,

to weave you a scarf of robin’s egg blue.”


The robin’s egg cracked

yellow mercury drips

The shell is halved

translucent lips


“Blue like the ocean – the vast, vast sea.

The mellow waves.

The waves, I’ll weave.”


Collect it in jars?

the brackish ocean

A pigment doused

in a polluted potion


“Royal blue, blue, blue. The uniforms on men.

I’ll knit the city

its own little den.”


The city encrusted

in a royal dome


around each home


The bones of commoners

hidden under greases

Aspartame and Sucralose

burrow in creases


Putty for the skin

Purple for the eyes

Ridges for the face

Dimples for the thighs


Polyester and Nylon?

keep the royal men warm

in the cold, cold city

where the robin was born


“Yarn of sapphire. Sapphire silk.

Thread woven tightly

with no leeway to wilt.”


Brittle, dull strands

tangled and brown

clog the drain?

Her fingers drown


in the lukewarm water

as she reaches inside


her arm?

her shoulder

her chin?

then her pride


“Just one needle, a spoon, and a vein,

to keep yourself warm

in the city so vain.”


Reaching in blind, she grabs, and she holds.


“Hold in your breath.

Do what you’re told.”


She breathes in the water

tepid and static?

The hair in the drain?

The comfortable addict


Knotted and woven?

The veins on her arm?

The scarf on her neck?

robin’s egg blue (made of rayon)


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