Springime is a Child

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Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



Springtime is a child.

she is grass stained knees and muddied hemlines

and torn dresses and toothless smiles.

She is dancing in the rain

and singing with thunder,

a magnificen duet performed for lightening

and God.

she is bedraggled hair

filled with wild flowers.

She is bare feet and dirty fingernails.


Summer is a maiden,

kissed only by the sun.

she is honey-blonde streaks

through chestnut hair,

freckles that dance on noses,

sand stuck to toes, and salt

sprayed over skin by ocean’s gentile breeze.

She is slightly sunburned lips,

tiged orange-pink,

and bare shoulders, and a promised ring tan line.


Autumn is a mother,

with leaves clinging to her hair.

She is howling night wind,

and the scarf that whispers,

”I will keep you warm”.

She is fading sun lines,

forming laugh lines,

leave the beach behind 

for orange pumpkin lines.

She is the candle in the jack-o-lantern,

dispelling evil and banishing fear.


Winter is a grand lady,

silent and still as newfallen snow,

serene as Christmas midnight.

She is ice cold hands

and a hot mulled wine heart,

and a stare like the steely, pre-blizzard sky.

She is falling asleep as the fire dies...


And when ice memories melt,

snow-woman in her frozen pond mirror sees


And springtime is a child,

with no seasoned memories.

© Copyright 2018 ElizabethCullen111. All rights reserved.

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