breaking point

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Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



I have these rhymes

in my head that I must spit out.

Mystery, some claim I be

Seizing the day 

since '08 and "she's fine."

they say.

I keep climbing the same mountain 

on repeat, it's ever so deep.

that it's getting hard to breathe

but I persevere.

My fam is waiting for a fail

but I continue anyway

for once I'll reach the top.

I know the view will be worth it.

After this pain I've endured,

All the destruction and mayhem,

An extreme amount of tears shed.

Regrets that become my nightmare

swimming in a pool of bloodshed.

They say "it's fine, She's fine,"

Fine ended a long time ago, 

Time more time, almost there, 

can't let my fam down again.

I can see it in hindsight

This is the final fight,

I strongly persevere

before the end comes near.

-G. Brito


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