Above the Clouds

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Lukarith, alina, and their posse of fellow sceptars, fight off Lernak. Llernak made a mistake, creating a large volcano destined to ruin his community. He tries his best to cover it up but doesn't
succeed. Then Lukarith comes up with a plan.

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



In a far place above the clouds. A young man and his wife sat with their child. Lukarith, the father of the child, was looking through his garments to find something to wear. His wife, Calliope, said "What about Aleevah, our daughter. We can't leave her here while we go down...there." Lukarith looked at his ragged shoes and turned to Calliope. "I think Aleevah can stay here with Briseis. Her Aunty hasn't seen her in a while." he said in a positive tone.

Calliope nodded and put Aleevah into her crib. She kissed Aleevahs bright blue skin and tucked her in. She then turned to Lukarith "What if the humans spot us. Our blue skin will be very suspicious to them. Sceptarians are very...noticeable" she said. "Well, humans have a holiday, they call it 'Halloween', it is very largely celebrated, we can act as if we are in costumes," He replied, as if he had been planning it all along. "and besides, Lernak is a huge beast, the humans will be astonished by the time they realize he is protecting his volcano and they won't even notice us." This statement relieved Calliope. 

Lukarith got dressed into his warrior uniform and went to a drop off at the edge of the floating island that was called 'Levisula'. His wife came by shortly after dropping off Aleevah at her sister, Briseis', house.The large army of Sceptarians followed behind Lukarith with their weapons and gear. They all hoped for the best and dove off of the plank that led out to the open clouds.

After jumping off, the army spread out. Not to be suspicious to the humans around them. Each landing in pairs, they went to journey to the cave of Gaea. After they all landed, many of the humans were very intrigued by their 'costumes', their complexion and long, curly, hair was very breathtaking. 

And to the somewhat unfortunate events of Calliope of Lukarith, they landed next to a small diner, looking up at a sign that read 'Jestone's Diner', they decided to walk in, and as they did, the only other customers were a small family of about 4. The waiter took them to a booth near the family and got them water, which they ordered prior to being seated. 

Lukarith listened in on their conversation. It appears they were Grandparents of the two children sitting at the table. However, the grandma seemed to be a newcomer to the family. Who was in a relationship with the grandfather. The children didn't approve, this because they thought the grandmother was in it for money, and was very greedy. She had bright orange locks of hair that was put into a messy bun. Her skin was blotched with red and her eyes pierced any human who dare look into them. The human version of medusa. Her voice was repulsing, and her heavyset body could turn a tree into a mere sheet of paper. The children were somewhat scared, but the grandfather couldn't see through the glossy outside of the woman he calls 'Danielle'. 

Calliope ordered a small basket of fries and Lukarith got a stack of pancakes. These dishes weren't new to them, however, they seemed much more unhealthy, and very greasy. During their meal, Danielle got up and swaddled to the bathroom, the children trying to convince their grandfather 'Harrison' she wasn't in it for the love. He didn't agree, and said if they didn't stop being rude, he would kick them out to be homeless. Lukarith heard this, and took action. 

The kids got up and walked out as Calliope tossed a 20$ bill, that she found earlier on the floor, onto the table. Lukarith went over to the kids and told them "I overheard your conversation. And I think you would like it better, as a Sceptar" The kids were confused but very angry at Harrison, so they went with Calliope and Lukarith to try and prove a point.

As they walked over a hill, they saw the cave of Gaea, which was blocked by a large river that they couldn't cross with the children, who were very confused. Calliope noticed, and told them the story of how they got there, and why they were searching for Lernaks volcano.

After arriving at the large river, a small cargo boat was floating there, with a man who was eating a donut, sprinkled in sugar and filled with cream. He grabbed some littered papers on the boat and put them into a small can and scoffed "Teenagers these days can't clean up after themselves, leaving a poor old man to clean up their dirty mess". Calliope walked next to the dock and kindly asks "Hello sir, we are just a family and were wondering if you would give us a ride to the other side of the river?" He looks over to Calliope and the two children following behind. "Hop on, I have nothing better to do" he reluctantly approves.

After reaching the other side the man warns them if they litter that he would have their heads. Lukarith and Calliope nod their heads and walk into the cave, meeting all the other Sceptarians. "Who are these people?" The small girl asked. "They are fellow Sceptarians. We are all blue. Once we get you to our home, you will see our wonderful island. The children, whose names were Penelope and Jack, were confused. "We are in the middle of the country, how did you get an island?" they questioned. Then, Calliope had to explain their floating island. The kids didn't believe her but were very curious to see if it existed.

After going into the dark cave, a sudden shift happened, and everyone was forced to choose between two paths. Both of which led to the same ending, but nobody knew that. Some picked the left and some picked the right. Lukarith and Calliope went to the left with Jack and Penelope. A loud voice came down right before each of the groups came to the end. The voice of Janus, the god of paths, said "Those of you who know, no matter the choice you will always end up the same...dead. Choose wisely and your path shall continue on. Fight Lernak with your best minds, not your best strength," Soon after the voice disappeared the two groups came together and thanked Janus for the words of wisdom, then continued to the exit, which lead to a snowy landscape and a large volcano, which didn't seem to be melting the snow.

"Why is it snowing here? We don't ever get snow!" Penelope exclaimed with great fear. "This is Lernaks lair, his people stay here, this unknown creation was a mistake and Lernak wants to destroy it. But he doesn't know how. We are here to cover it, leading to great pressure under his lair, and thus destroying all his people. We only want this because of his large destruction to the human species, which is how Sceptarians exist. He experimented on us just like he would be right now if we don't get him away"

So they all prayed to Janus, as a good luck hope for their quick and stealthy journey. They counted down. 3 2 1....GO! All the Sceptarians dashed to the volcano and covered it with sticky snow they was filled with the tar, which naturally came to his lair, due to the pollution. They covered the volcano and dashed out, Lernak immediately rose from his small hut and started to watch the volcano. He couldn't fit through the small caves they ran out through, so he wanted to see if the volcano would explode under pressure, or keep to rest. He hoped it would go to rest, however that wasn't the case..

The Sceptarians and the children ran out and all the Sceptarians used the last of the mana they brought, which helped them fly, to zoom into the skies and just as they looked back to the Lair, it was filled with lava. The humans watched in awe as lava spilt into the large river, which turned it into stone. The small cargo boat immediately zoomed off and was nearly hit by the oncoming flow of lava, before treading off to a large lake which had just missed the boat, by putting up emergency barrier walls. 

After everyone made it safely back, Calliope, Lukarith, and both of the children went to Lukariths house, which soon would become the home of Jack and Penelope. They loved their new home and cared for Aleevah like they had known her their whole lives. One day they hoped to be in a Sceptarian history book, known as the kids who would soon make a rare hybrid of humans and Sceptarians. That would be put down as Lashians, also known as the most beautiful species ever to exist on the face of planet earth. And so the tale goes, the story of those who saved earth from Lernak, the man who experimented on humans, and tortured them just for the slap of his knee. 

© Copyright 2019 Miranda Tanampai. All rights reserved.

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