Living In An Hourglass

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Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



First I sifted my way 

through the slender hallway:

buying time from ground-,

rather sky-zero, 

to my first material day.

Falling from broad perspective

into narrow-mindedness,

pathological blindness.


I fell from graceful skyway

onto the granual ground:

formless matter funneled onto shifting sands,

surround me.


Stability became uncertainty.

Silence now referred to as absurdity;

what matters most to me;

Creator still speaks to thee.


What once was quiet waiting 

is now loud and blatant taming

of the incarnate soul just waiting

to find its whole,



After falling onto the floor 

of this mirrored, upside-down world,

you find the material reverse 

is most perverse,

in comparison to where you came from.

Those who cannot channel

what they feel to be true, 

into this world,

will fail to find their reflection,

in this double-sided,





The circumstance sand 

and obligation gravity

sift down onto me,


Life itself finds ways to create

sandstorms of havoc.

when all I want to do is simply exist,

simply be.

Where are the doldrums to bring momentary peace

to my spiritual sanity?

Thinking clearly becomes an impossibility.


Maybe if I just suck in the sand,

it won't sting;

even if it does,

maybe comfort it will eventually bring. . .

- No, don't think those awful things!


Even though the mental offer has been presented,

I dare not take it.

No one but me wants my life ended;

happiness through life was all but pretended;

a sand-brick wall defended the soft soul

within it.


But as Fate would have it,

time passed on:

the continual factor 

that makes me a pawn,

in this game called 



And as Fate would have it,

or rather, "god", 

the backdrop was flipped - 

with the Universe's magic wand -

from ground to sky,

and all but me would cry;

for I knew the day would come;

that life itself would come undone,

and the temporary dream 

would wake unto the truth:


The hourglass in which we live

is the illusion of eternal youth.

© Copyright 2018 Diana Montana. All rights reserved.