The Great Astronomer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Romance

Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



Gökberk was an archeologist. We have mentioned his name in another story. Now he and his company were for a summer mission in Aegean shores of Anatolia. The excavation place was in Halicarnassus. Now its called Bodrum but they have chosen a relatively uncrowded, no the most desolate place to start. The nearest village was 15 km to their camp.

“Now your working very hard Can, you have founded reliefs and mosaics that are beyond price. Look at the Diana with those animals around her…”

“Yes Gökberk this is priceless, should be conserved immediately, the fox in the mosaic whispered to my ear… Hahaha”

Gökberk laughed with others and put his hand on the shoulder of Can, saying: “In a minute… Hahaha” He left the young colleague with others and walked to the other corner of the area. It was about to sundown and he saw the girl.

She was there with a wooden spatula uncovering a new value. But she was murmuring when he got close heard some words:

“It must be this… This… I have to… Have to get it unearthed… It must be me… It… Whose there?”

Gökberk answered seriously but with a soft voice: “It’s me Ayça, don’t be disturbed, continue”

But she has stopped working, she threw the spatula and shouted at Gökberk: “There your friends are happy with their lives, look at that Can over there as if he created the earth or even the universe…”

Gökberk didn’t answer only walked near to Ayça and smiled a little bit… Ayça continued in a lower tone:

“Do you know what I’ve just found? Here look before sundown…”

It was a bronze silver statue of goddess Diana’s with foxes around. Gökberk’s smile gone he was this time excited. He unconsciously turned to Ayça and kissed her.

“You made it, you made it, this is beyond dreams…”

“Yes I did, and you…”

“Kissed you, my love to you…”

“… Is always priceless...” she answered as she got closer to him. They kissed again but this time it was long, everyone saw them and the statue…

There was a telescope with them which they bought collectively. The colleagues were gathering around it, telling stories, tales… Now that night was the time for Ayça, she stares the starry sky and looked at it with the telescope for a minute:

“Tonight I’m going to tell you a story of an astronomer. His name is unknown, he read El-Bîrûnî, Copernicus, Bruno, Kepler and many others but he never had a name. He was living in this Aegean site all alone. Everyone thought that he was strange to look at the skies and taking notes, and using that old telescope.

One night he thought to himself, let me look at the universe directly above me. He laid down and started to stare at the bright stars. They were turning in a spiral circle, the universe was always moving at a limitless speed… He reminded the Bruno his infinity. That was true, everything comes from somewhere and goes to somewhere and this somewhere is limitless, timeless…

So he has to get up before crescent takes its place in the horizon. So he worked hard and found the fox nebula, He saw the fox running with Diana and the crescent was to come to the stage. He ended his work with the mathematical place of the nebula recorded on his notebook.

Unfortunately, this nebula was found by someone else years ago. Now the astronomer unaware of this dedicated this nebula to his lover. The girl’s name is Ayça, and the astronomer is Gökberk of course. What he saw that night in the sky was the statue she has found days before, Diana and foxes. Here is the notebook, people, and the statue is over there a man’s tall. You can tell me you’re amazed, but we’re all amazed…”

Gökberk was the first one who clapped his hands. Everyone there followed him, cheering, laughing and screaming…

Now when they went to sleep, only Ayça and Gökberk remained, they looked each other, then to the statue and the crescent moony sky, in the end, Ayça got closer, Gökberk got closer, Ayça got closer…

“I knew you were a treasure”, Gökberk whispered to Ayça

“Treasure of an astronomer, the great astronomer”, Ayça crossed her arms around the neck of the man, and they kissed.

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