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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018




Aglaron awoke to find the early morning sun rising slowly over the lands of Drudach. It's glowing golden beams stretched out to touch the horizon; it's tender caress enveloping the lands in warmth and light. He slid carefully from his bed so as not to disturb his resting wife. She slept peacefully and without fit. Her golden hair lay astrewn upon the pillow, shielding her face from the encroaching morn. Without a sound, he crept out onto the balcony of his home. Sunrise had always been his favorite part of the day; watching the golden ball of light rise across the Everen Sea, its rays catching upon the waves and reflecting like the silver chimes adorning the veranda. The dew-laden grass caught its light and shone like thousands of tiny emeralds reflected toward the dawn. Tall pines lining the forest's edge rustled in the breeze, their arms outstretched as if to catch the sun. There was a natural magic to Drudach that even the most worldly scholars could not explain. Aglaron appreciated its beauty without question, and basked in it's glory.
He closed his eyes and breathed deeply of the salty sea air. Though Aglaron had never set foot on a ship, somehow the ocean called to him like home. He often dreamed of embarking on an adventure Northwards into the lands of Men and Dwarves. Images of pirates and fair maidens in need of rescue glided through his mind. He fancied being a sailor and venturing into distant lands full of adventure and peril. He came to with a start when a soft voice whispered from behind him, "Those maidens better be wearing tunics."
Aglaron turned to find his wife, Faena, smiling softly at him. The Elf woman embraced her partner and kissed him softly, "We're soulbound, remember? Since the day I met you and we fell in love."
Aglaron smiled back at his wife as he recalled the day. A group of Elves from the East City had come to the capital and Faena was among them. He'd pushed his way through dozens of people to catch a glimpse of the Eastfolk, only to be stunned by her beauty. She had bright blue eyes, and lips a soft pink. Those lips would pirse in a teasing fashion when she realized he was staring. When the two Elves locked eyes, a connection running as deep as the mana of the earth formed a powerful bond between them. It was a rare and powerful magic that allowed partners to feel what one another experiences. What Aglaron felt, so too did Faena.
The two held one another close as they watched the sun rise fully from the waters of Everen. Aglaron sighed in content and kissed Faena on the cheek before making his way into their son's room. Little Allafain was still fast asleep. Aglaron sat on the edge of the bed and caressed his sleeping son's face. Allafain twitched his nose slightly but remained deep in his dreams. Faena watched lovingly from the doorway while her husband kissed their child goodbye for the day. Aglaron whispered softly into his son's ear as he departed, "Sleep well and dream of the sea, my child."
Aglaron returned to his bedroom and opened the wardrobe containing his armor. It was a masterpiece of Elven craftsmanship, golden plates adorned with carved symbols of protection against magic and blade alike. As a guard of the Council, his armor served both as a mark of station and a powerful protection. Faena watched as he donned the fearsome armor. Her smile faded into a concerned and uncomfortable look. "How much longer will this go on, Aglaron? They've had years now to decide and nothing has come of it."
The now dressed guard of the council turned to his wife and took her soft hand into his own. "I have a good feeling about today, my love. News has spread throughout the capital that the council is announcing a Final Judgement soon. What better time to do it? The cities are as peaceful as they've been in a century or more, and sailors have spread rumor of a war rising in the Northlands. If Men and Dwarves are fighting, we've all the more reason to unite and strengthen our ties."
Faena looked unconvinced if not more worried now. Aglaron smiled and kissed her forehead, "You will see, my love. Nothing but good can come of this day. The Creator would not bless such a dawn without occasion."
Aglaron made to depart when his son came rushing out after him. He caught the small boy in his arms and twirled him playfully. Allafain giggled and kissed his father's cheek. "Can we go to the market today!? I wanna pick out roses for mommy!"
Aglaron laughed heartily and smiled at his son. Those soft, blue eyes broke down any barriers he could build against his wishes. Allafain always got the better of his father's will. "I suppose we could pick a few, but only if you promise to watch over her while I'm gone. Your mother needs a big, strong boy like you to protect her."
Allafain giggled and nodded. "I'll protect mommy! Nobody's gonna hurt her while Allie the mighty's on guard!"
Aglaron smiled and let his son run back to Faena. The two most beautiful things in his life would await his return. He adjusted his swordbelt and made for the heart of the capital. Somehow he knew that today would bring great changes to Drudach.

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