"The disaster school"

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This is a short story intended to be bad. Just thought I'd try a funny adult comedy short story series. Like beavis and butthead or south park. Not as good yet. John Cena is the principle

Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 07, 2018



"The Disaster School"


Episode one "Don't Drink"



*Mark redfield are you here?*


Yes. Mark says raising his hand.


"Good everyone is here. Now class today is the first day of the skool year and I umm I'm in a hangover right know. I drank too much last night after my wife slapped me with alimony apparently I'm a deadbeat excuse for a father." 


*mark* uhh should you be telling us this?"


*teacher* yes listen from my mistakes don't get married. Also when life gets you down drink..Drink as much as you can it is a savior drinking is the greate...*principle walks into the room.* drinking is uh horrible Don't do it! It ruins your lives and is an addiction."


"John Cena. "Listen to this dude he has wisdom I learned from him. I was a drinker till I found him. Now I'm a principle at a high school.....HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT! Whoo* Cena walks out. 


*teacher* where was I? Oh yeah I need a beer uh kids just uhh stare out the window or draw you know what? I don't care. Do what you want just don't bug me." *teacher opens up the beer can and starts drinking and hides under the desk."


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