A World of Life

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A compilation of three poems talking about the aspects of life and thought and the ocean.

Submitted: August 07, 2018

A A A | A A A

Submitted: August 07, 2018



Anything of All Thought.


American History, of Mixed Media.

Symbol of Happiness, Place, Time, Memory, A defining Characteristic.

Scales of Replicas.

A crushed CD,

Hair Weaves,

Apples on a Table.

The smallest Things,

Becoming the Biggest Gold.

A soothing voice,

Over the Scattered Light.

Meaning, The Radius of a Cranberry.

Interpretation, A Flowing Blue Ocean.

Things we See and Think, an Empty Bench.

Open to Infinity.


The World of the Sea.


The world, underneath our world.

The society, untouched by man.

A land of no voice,

And all gill.

Flooded, wet and very colorful.

A place where flying is possible.

A place where teamwork is key.

Coral grows, fish swim, sharks hunt.

A land of deep, unknown darkness.

Rays of light, lost long before the bottom.

Not one word spoken,

But all needed to be revealed.

Thousands of styles, of methods,

But no opinions.

All in a universe,

Within our own.


The Wall of Life.


A wall of black.

Hundreds of holes.

Each hole containing an aspect of life.

One of them,

A man being surrounded,

About to be murdered.

One of them,

Gears and cogs moving,

Powering our machines.

One of them,

Three pucks, and a bat,

Ready for the game.

One of them,

Two people on a couch,

About to mate.

One of them,

Blocks stacked with more blocks.

The DNA, of everyone.

All come together,

To create the life we live.


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