Our Piece in this Puzzle

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all...


... or if they even can.If I am allowed to reach out..... to touch... maybe even grasp..  If that is even possible according to the 'plan'.  It might be that I am just supposed to be here...  and despite what I'd like, I've been chosen to impose upon those who are near me.  That could be how I am posed in the role I've been clothed with... to show them clearly... in hopes it brings to light some essential insight...  and potentially, by looking at me, however they see me, it's a seed on which they can feed so they can proceed and find a lead to help them be what they need to be for whatever purpose they are needed to be, for whatever their part, their role in whatever story they are to help unfold. 

Possibly, they may not even see me... only the imagery that leads to them responding appropriately...  maybe even missing the banal reality... the physicality... unable to percieve me... through all the facets of causuality ongoing constantly and mesmerizing in it's unceasing immensity and it's increasing complexity....

So, maybe it's not really that I'm afraid to care....  But, that I've realized that they are merely unaware...  and unable to share, incapable of knowing or reacting, no control of how they're growing and unable to prepare..

Therefore, I consider this a first-peron view, a front row seat and nothing else I can do... dim the house lights and bring on the show!  To get this seat is a unique treat since I get to participate and be part of the flow, albeit discreet, be part of the massing mixture that makes it all go...Even though they'll never know that I was among them.....and came to love them... 

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