I Beg You All...

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



 Hold on to this moment for as long as you can...

For, it will be over soon, never to be this point ever again

So fleeting, small and fragile in the palm of your hand

Slowly fading in clarity as time marches and memory gives in

Our lives flutter like pages in an ever written novel

Protagonists in our personal struggles and shining glories

And, at the end, we won't get to read it again, no matter how we grovel

So we are utterly responsible for remembering our own stories

Instead of dwelling on the trdgedy we had back in chapter 3

We must move on, keep the plot strong and focus on the chapter we're on

And don't base today on what you're 'plans' may be because the future is pure mystery

If you set aside fun, in order to get more work done, the fun moves on and the chance is gone

A character's occupation, financial situation and even college degrees are only descriptive filigree

It's the thoughts and perceptions and conclusions and insights we like to read, that we need

So, focus on the details and descriptions and all the individual bits and parts intricately

Don't be distracted by dollars and security and promises of futures where you'll succeed

We are all stories unfolding, and a good story that isn't boring is full of experiences of Life.

All the day to day stuff is merely part of the scenery and part of the setting

And quit crying about things going wrong... selves grow strong only through strife

This story we write, this is our life...  ignore the wrong and right...  this is about never forgetting...

and never regretting.

© Copyright 2018 K Rieke. All rights reserved.

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