Enchanted Fate Series: Dangerous Secret

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Meet the Unique Stars. They are an all-girl S-class asssassins team trained from young to kill anyone when asked. Each of them have a special ability and combined with their intelligence, stealth,
strength and agility they are unstoppable.

One day, the four girls are assign to kill four aristocratic boys. However there is a problem; no one knows who the targets are.

In order to complete the mission the girls are forced to go the prestigious Heritage Academy, where the students' expectations clashes with the girls' personalities. And if that was not enough now
they have to tolerate the bullying of four rich boys who practically own the school. But as they go through life and rivalry, evil lurks by. Can the girls survive this rollercoaster of hell and

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Ambush

Submitted: August 08, 2018

Author note:

Hi! I'm AngelinaRaz01 and this is my first story. To tell you the truth I was actually scared to write this but my friends have encouraged me to write this since last year. I will try to write
weekly but that will take some time because my school which is a all-girl school are really rigid when it comes to homework. So I hope you enjoy reading this chapter and I'll see you next week..I
think. Bye!
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Chapter 2 : Flashback

Submitted: August 09, 2018

Author note

Hey people! Its me, AngelinaRaz01 and this is the second chapter of my story 'Dangerous Secret'.

For those of you who don't understand;

-This story is set in Japan

-Edo was the name for Japan in the olden days

-Tessen fans are also know as Japanese Iron Fans

Anyways, don't forget to R&R, people.Bye!
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