Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Ambush

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Move out of the way!" Yelled a 13-year-old girl. She raced down the corridor her red hair flying as her green eyes searched for some thing. Catching sight of a girl around her age with shoulder length blonde hair and purple eyes she raced up to her ".

"Taylor!" Yelled the redhead whose hair was fashioned into a ponytail.

The purple hair girl looked up with amusement. "Hey, Caitlyn. What's up?"

Caitlyn Bates shook the girl, " Have you seen Angeline or Serene?"

"No,why?" came the reply.

"Miss Betsworth wants us to meet her at Magicvale. We gotta find the rest because our ride is here and you know that Miss Betsworth is if we're late," said Caitlyn.

Taylor Flow sighed. She knew exactly what would happen if they were late. She still had the scars for that. "Why didn't you say so. Look,why don't I find Angeline and you go find Serene,"

"Okay, when we find them we'll meet up at the parking lot," said Caitlyn.

Taylor gave her a quick nod before the two split up.


" If my calculations are correct then if my gambling winnings are up to $1,000, my allowance is $2 a day  plus the money I get from my 'jobs' then I'll be a millionaire before I'm even 20," said a girl with white hair styled in twintails as she screwed back the cover of a tablet," And thats not counting my money for fixing machines,"

"Then I hope I'm not interrupting your future plans when I say that Miss Betsworth needs us," said a voice.

The girl looked up, her pink eyes which was filled with joy now showed a bit of irritation," Hello, Taylor. Thanks for the message but we have to grab something. My stuff is at the dorm."

Taylor smiled," No worries, Angeline. I have your knives,guns and bombs with me and I know for a fact that your tessen fan is with you,"

Angeline Holmes grinned," Whatever, so where are the others?"


"AND STAY OUT!" Yelled a voice as Caitlyn and a girl with brown hair styled into a bun and yellow eyes hurtled down the stairs.

"Ow!" Moaned the two girls, rubbing their heads.

"God sake, we were just talking, don't need to throw us out of the library," said Caitlyn.

"Correction, it was you who was talking and the only reason why I am here is because you yelled and I quote, "Serene, are you there?!" Said the other girl.

"Whatever, anyways we gotta go to the parking lot. The other are probably already there. So let's go, Serene!" Said Caitlyn.

Serene Patterson rolled her eyes, "Idiot"


"You're late," said Angeline.

"We know and we"re not going to be any earlier if we don't move now," said Serene, getting inside the car where up front the driver was listening to an One Direction song.

Taylor turned to Caitlyn, "What happened?"

"Nothing," answered Caitlyn.

Taylor sighed but didn't say anything, "Okay"


"Excuse me, but are you the Unique Stars?" asked the driver.

All four girls looked up from what they were doing. Angeline stopped tinkering a machine, Serene shut her book of Romeo and Juliet with a snap, Caitlyn tugged off her earplugs while Taylor stopped sketching. They all raised an eyebrow.

"Be more specific, the popstar group or what?" Asked Serene.

" I mean the all-girl,S-level assassin group," said the driver.

There was a pause before they replied, "Yes,we are"

"Great! I'm a fan of your work and let me tell you that I think that no one can do an amazing work like you guys" said the man.

"Hm, you do know that flattery doesn't stop us if we were ordered to kill you....Mr Harrison," said Angeline, reading the nametag on the man's vest.

Mr Harrison smirked, "That maybe true but it did make you not focus on your surroundings,"

The girls looked out of the window to see that instead of being in the bustling city of Tokyo they were in a desolate place. As they noticed that the door locks had disappeared Mr Harrison aimed a gun at Taylor's head.

"Looks like my plan worked," said Mr Harrison.

The girls gave him a blank stare before laughing.

Mr Harrison snarled, " You think this is funny?"

Caitlyn shook her head, " You know, I just feel so sorry for you,"


"Cause,do you really think we're dumb?" Said Taylor.


Angeline suddenly threw some throwing stars around the guy's body before pulling some transparent strings that was attached to the stars, binding the man to the chair as Serene punched the gun out of the way.

"Caitlyn, would you please explain to this rookie killer how we managed to defeat him," said Angeline.

Caitlyn nodded before facing the driver, "Sorry, mister but you messed up with the wrong group. Anyways I better tell you how we were prepared. No.1 we have our own driver so when you first showed up we knew something was fishy. No.2 we know the way to Magicvale even if we don't look out of a window. So we knew that you were taking us somewhere else and realised that something bad was going to happen,"

"But how did you manage to communicate with each other without me knowing?" Asked Mr Harrison.

"We use our telepathic communicators which are in our earrings," said Angeline.

"Telepathic communicators?"

"Its an invention that Magicvale invented that allows us to talk to each other using only our minds" explained Serene.

"Pretty useful when it comes to exams," said Taylor, " Not that Serene or Angeline would allow it. Those two are ruthless when it comes to exams,"

"Anywhoo, the last clue came in when you started to flatter us. In Magicvale, drivers are not suppose to know anything about their passengers unless the passengers say so. Theu also can't have any weapons" said Summer, "Which made us knew that you were going to ambush us,"

"Which leads us to this question, who are you working for?" Asked Serene.

Mr Harrison gave them a dry laugh, "Who said that someone hired me. After all, you four are listed very high in the bingo book. Its every killers' dream to kill you four,"

"So you won't talk. Fine,then take this!" Said Angeline as she pulled the strings with more force.

"Argh! That hurts you daughter of a....OW!!" Snarled the driver as Serene stabbed a knife in his leg.

"Don't swear at our leader," warned Serene

Mr Harrison glared at them, "Hmmp."

"Can I kill him if he won't talk?" Asked Violet, swinging a knife in one hand.

Angeline frowned, "I'm not sure if Miss Betsworth would allow it..."

Mr Harrison sighed with relief. He was not going to be killed.

"...But if he is working alone, I guess he wouldn't mind if he dies,right?"

The guy started to panic, "Okay..okay..okay, The Yakuza sent me. They threaten to kill my family if I didn't do it. Thats practically all I know,please belive me!"

Angeline loosen the ropes while Serene took out the knife as they heard the statement. The girls looked at each other befoe coming into a decision.

"Fine,we'll send you free. But are you sure you don't know anything else?" Asked Angeline.

The guy shook his head.

"Okay,but promise us that you won't tell the Yakuza what happened. They'll kill you for that,"said Serene.

"Then what will I do? The Yakuza will kill me and my family,"

"Flee the country and go to either England, Spain, France, China, South Korea, Thailand or Malaysia," said Caitlyn.

"When you get there follow these instuctions. They'll help you get a good job," said Taylor, passing him a piece of paper from her sketch pad with writing on it.

"Thank you. You all are really kind. The Yakuza told me that you were heartless humans," said Mr Harrison, "May I ask why did you become assassins if you're so nice?" The girls raised an eyebrow before he added, "I would like to tell my children this story,"

"Fine,but could you send us to Magicvale along the way. We'll have to dress up your wound," said Serene.

He nodded before turning on the ignition keys. At the same time the girls took a deep breath before starting...




Submitted: August 08, 2018

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