Chapter 2: Chapter 2 : Flashback

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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3 years ago...

"Mum, where are we going?" Asked a 10-year-old Taylor.

Her mother smiled before pointing to a sign.

"Magicvale Entertainment," said Taylor, trying to remember what her genius friens, Serene had said about the word 'entertainment'.

They went into a lift before Taylor's mother swiped a pass on the lift and pressed a button.

"Woah," exclaimed Taylor as the lift shot upward, quickly.

"It's very fast, right?" Asked her mother.

Taylor gave her a weak smile as the doors opened. As they went inside Taylor gasped it was a spacious room that had a lift on each side of the room. 

"Wow! Its very nice here," exclaimed Taylor.

Ping! Ping!

Taylor and her mother turned to see the lifts doors from the left and the right side opened. From the left, a girl around her age was walking in with a soldier who by the looks of it was her father. From the right, another girl was also coming their way with a couple who probably was her parents.

"They look pretty familiar," thought Violet. As they came closer, she gasped as she realised who they were.

"Serene! Caitlyn! Its me, Taylor!" Squealed Taylor.

Serene and Caitlyn gasped before they raced toward Taylor and started chatting. As they chat they didn't hear the lift from the front side of the room opened and a girl came out.

"I can't believe this. I haven't seen the both of you since Angeline left for England and that was four years ago," said Caitlyn.

"Has she contacted you?" Asked Serene.

"No,but she said she was coming back in four years and that was four years ago," said Taylor, "I can't wait for her to come back,"

"Just as long as you don't hug me to death when you see me," said a voice.

The others turned to see their friend, Angeline with a bored expression on her face.

"Angeline! When did you come back to Japan?" Asked Taylor.

"Did you see the Queen of England?" asked Serene.

"Do you still wanna hang out with us?" asked Caitlyn.

"Yesterday, only on tv and yes, you dummy," replied Angeline as they hugged her.

"Excuse me,"

Everyone turned to see the 26-year-old woman. She had blonde hair and chocolate eyes and was wearing a lab coat.

"I am sorry if I disturbed your reunion but I would like to discuss on today's topic," said the woman.

The girls muttered a quick apology before the woman started to talk.

"Hello, everyone. I am Miss Samantha Betsworth, but you can call me Miss Sam or Miss Betsworth. Anyways, today we're going to talk about an old story written about a century ago,"

The girls looked at each other with confusion. 'Is she going to tell a story?!'

"Not exactly, I'm going to read a story but we are also going to have a discussion about it," said Miss Betsworth, answering their unspoken question.

The girls glance at Miss Betsworth as she pulled out a scroll from her coat before laying it on a table.

"Ok, lets see. Once Upon a Time in the land of Edo. Two kingdoms in Edo were always fighting. They were the Light kingdom and the Dark kingdom. Both of the kingdoms fought for power but then in the last war between the two kingdoms something happened that made the light kingdom have power for the next few years. Four mages were born. Each one of the mages had the power to control one element of earth. They were;

"Aurora the Fire Mage..."

Angeline twitched as she heard the word 'fire mage'.

"Sophie the Nature Mage..."

A muscle in Serene's cheek jumped as she heard the word 'nature mage'.

"Theresa the Air Mage..."

Taylor started to play with her fingers as she heard the statement.

"Charlotte the Water Mage..."

Caitlyn clenched her fist as she heard the statement.

"The four of them were very nice, they would helped people and made sure that no one would invade Edo. One day, four boys appeared and show that they had almost the same power as the mages. They were..."

"Huh, thats weird?" Said Miss Betsworth.

"What happened, miss?" Asked Violet.

"Its been ripped out," answered Miss Betsworth.

"WAIT, WHAT!?" Said everyone.

Miss Betsworth gave them a look before continuing, "It was soon revealed that the boys were actually on the dark kingdom side. So in the end a battle was fought out between the eight of them. How they shook the earth with their deadly power. The next day, the villagers saw a terrible sight....."

"Oh dear, this ones ripped out again," said Miss Betsworth.

The girls groaned as they all wanted to here what happened.

"However a letter stand near the battle field and it said that one day there will be four girls who will have the same power as the girl mages...."

The girls gulped at Miss Betsworth paused. Each one of them shiver as they realised the truth.

Miss Betsworth then faced the girls as their parents looked somewhere else, " And those four descendants are you four girls destined to create peace like your predecessors,"


Too shocked to say anything the girls stared at the woman in front of them. Horror filled their eyes as the information sunk in.

Angeline then looked up sharply, "How do you know that we are the descendants?"

"Did our parents tell you?" Demanded Serene.

"What! Of course we didn't," said Taylor's mother.

"Yeah, right," muttered Caitlyn.

"Actually, girls we knew because we kept tracked of the girls mages' family tree," said Miss Betsworth.

The girls gave them a stiff nod but said nothing.

"Why did you tell us this story?" Asked Taylor, suddenly.

"Well, you see girls, your parents and Magicvale which is actually a international intelligence company have decided that if you wanted to you could follow the Edo's mages and use your powers to help us ," said Miss Betsworth.

"And why should we do that?" Asked Caitlyn.

"Caitlyn, I know that you find it hard to accept your fate but Magicvale wants to help you guys use your powers for good," said Caitlyn's father.

The four of them glanced at each other before nodding.

"Fine, we'll help," answered Taylor.

"So what do we have to do? Asked Serene.

"We decided to make you four as assassins," replied Miss Betsworth.

"Assassins...wait! You mean killers?" Said Taylor.

"Yes, thats true. But you can always back out if you want..." said Serene's mother.

"No, we decided to help you guys in any way and that includes being an assassin," said Amgeline.

"She's right," said Serene as Caitlyn and Taylor nodded.

"Then as your future instructor I guess its time for some tests and then its off to see your presents," said Miss Betsworth.

The girls nod until the information went into their mind, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?"


"I wonder what our presents are?" Wondered Caitlyn.

The four of them had just finished with their tests and were now in one Magicvale's training room, waiting for their instructor to come.

"Oh, there she is," said Taylor.

Their instructor smiled at them as she placed down four parcels in the colours of pink, yellow, purple and green onto the table next to them.

"First things first, Angeline. This is for you," said Miss Betsworth as she gave her the pink parcel.

Angeline opened her parcel and gasped. Inside it was a pink tessen fan.

"Oh, wow! Thank you so much," she said.

Miss Betsworth gave her a smile before giving the yellow parcel to Serene.

Serene's eyes widen as she looked at her parcel. Inside it was a golden bow and silver bows.

"Its so beautiful. Thank you, miss," she said.

Miss Betsworth then gave the purple parcel to Taylor.

Taylor's jaw dropped as she stared at the gorgeous whip in the parcel.

"Oh gosh, I don't know what to say," she said.

Miss Betsworth gave her a pat on her head before giving the last parcel to Caitlyn.

Caitlyn opened the parcel and her eyes shone as she stared at the stunning sword.

"I will treasure it always," she said.

Miss Betsworth grinned at them before saying, "Its a good thing you four love them as they will be your weapons when you assassinate people. You will get to use other weapons but these will be your primary ones. Oh! By the way these weapons used to be your predecessors' weapons,"

"Really? Thats awesome!" Commented Caitlyn.

As they examine their weapons Serene suddenly remembered something, "Excuse me, miss. But what about our group name and our group leader?" Asked Serene.

"Let's see, according to your tests, Serene, you have talent when it comes to poison and remedials which is very important if your friends get hurts. You are also a good hacker. I think you should be the tactician of the group," said Miss Betsworth.

Serene smiled. She was going to be the tactician.

"Taylor," continued Miss Betsworth, "You are great at disguising, changing your voice and acting which will make it less harder for you to lure your victims into your trap. You also have great tracking skills so I think you should be the tracker of the team,"

Taylor blushed, "Thank you,"

"Caitlyn, you are a great escape artist that will be useful when it comes to traps. You also have good interrogation skills which will make it easier for you to find information  from your victims. I am giving you the honor of being the interrogator of the team,"said Miss Betsworth

Caitlyn grinned, "Hell, yeah!"

"Angeline," said Miss Betsworth, " You have the best combat fighting skills out of all your teamates. Your skills with machinery and traps are something for you too be proud of. Because of this I've decided to make you the leader of the group,"

Angeline turned red as the rest shouted their compliments.

"Now all we gotta do is to find a good name for our team," said Angeline after the compliments had died down.

"Well, didn't the Edo people call our predecessors' powers, unique?" Asked Taylor.

"Hmm, Unique is not bad but we need to improve it a bit," said Miss Betsworth.

They all wondered for a while until Summed snapped her finger, "I know, what about the Unique Stars. Its nice and catchy,"

"Unique Stars..hmm, thats not a bad name," commented Miss Betsworth,"Then its settle, from now on you four are the Unique Stars!"

The girls hugged each other as they thought of their new life as assassins.

And that was the day the Unique Stars were born.


Submitted: August 09, 2018

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