god & i have no religion

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Its a lovely beautiful story with humane characteristic fill with life's experience. just love this story.

Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018




Saira was waiting at the bus stop to go to Karnatak University, which located in a well known town, 
very popular in that region, the town, full of trees,and  known for its greenery,  where she was doing her Doctorate. 
As her house was located in the outskirts, she had to travel daily to her University, by public transport.
She was  quite good-looking, well mannered, known for merit, in university campus, and more than that, 
she was senior student in that University; every student respected her, and liked her for her achievements.
She just looked around, calmly, as bus-stop was  fixed below a big tree, with branches spread over, act as shaded space for commuters,  Saira was wearing a simple dress, greenish white  white-collared,  matching  pair of sandals. 
A  small  chain close to her neckline, a  pendent, a heart-shaped, looked well dignified modern look to her charming personality.
Clearly it showed that she was enthusiastic and lot of interest in life, unlike all other young women around her.
Daily  she used to board the bus at the bus-stop. She looked always tip top, dressed and same polite  in nature, naturally, all eyes were on her.
Other young Ladies  were also standing in a small small group discussing about their dresses, they wore, usual late teen talk, making fun just to kill the time, chase away the boring wait for the bus.

"hey! nice top yaar, where did you get it from?"., "another one said"wow, lovely, I too want to have one like this",
 Typically youth conversation. It was entertaining for Saira, It was  twenty-minutes passed , still no sign of Bus arrival. 
Saira felt she should be there by another forty-five minutes for submitting her thesis presentation. Now she was getting a little restless, as waiting time was more.
She  turned her head to both the sides, to check hiring  an auto, but that was no where to be seen.
In the meantime,  " akka..lelo lelo...Time-Pass, Time-pass,.. akka (elder sister)"  a  roasted-salted-peanuts, seller-boy, 
holding a cane-basket full of peanuts,  basket quite big,hanging, at his elbow and the left hand elbow was bent and gripping pieces news-paper, almost square in shape,  so that he can roll them in to a conical packet, easy  hold and  toss pea-nuts in to mouth, to fill peanuts among those young women group, He was going to every group quickly, to sell basket content and at the same time, he was entertaining them with his talk and a big wide smile. 
Saira didn't like to eat standing in the open bus-stand; she was very conscious of surrounding environment hygiene  cleanliness, and as she is going to give presentation, she wanted her mouth to be, clean, as she is going to speak in front of the well-versed audience, as she is going to be on the stage, to present, in front of many professors.So she didn't want to look shabby.
She felt pity, for the boy's struggle to sell, roaming around every one to sell them, 
so she paid the money to the seller boy, but didn't take the pea-nuts from him, she asked him to eat those peanuts. 

Suddenly,  she saw a motor bike, from the distance and suddenly moved  fast towards the road, to wave for a life.
She asked  a lift from  a senior student, who was passing from the same root, on his stylish bike,she felt he is not a stranger to her, known face,  she remembered she had seen him sometime in the University campus, in some functions. So she had asked for lift, though her  parents had  warned her to use the public transport only for the sake of safety of their daughter. 
Saira's parents were neither  modern nor orthodox, but some where they had the society fear of being pointing out at her daughter or being criticized. They performed perfectly,  all Hindu rituals, prayers,and very protective about their religion. They loved their daughter very much. If Saira was late in coming  home, a little late, in the evening, Saira's father used to wait at the bus-stop, to take her home with him, so that she will not be troubled by any one, till reached home, specially late evenings. It was about twenty years or so they have come from a village on the southern part of Karnataka, to  Dharwar, settled there since then. Saira's father was a small merchant. His business was running good, but one day they decided to leave that place for Good. 
They moved to Dharwar, and settled there, opened a small grocery shop on a small lane near by house. They thought, the present  place is very good for their daughter's education. Now she is about to complete her doctorate, and search a job, to give a good life to her beloved  parents. They worked hard, even mother too helped nearby neighbors, dress stitching and picco (zig-zag edge of saree both ends)  and  putting falls to the sarees, almost  all Tailoring work. Children's small frocks, blouses for women, .Sairas mother did her work sincerely so everyone liked her work and punctuality and her humbleness in communicating with them. Tailoring became handy and helpful in earning good amount of money.
They were able to pay for the fees, and  money they had saved twenty years back for future.
Saira reached the auditorium, before time stipulated to give her presentation.. Professor. Chandrudu,  was waiting in his cabin, and appeared he was waiting for Saira. He was middle-aged, but still was quite jolly, fun-loving, and always cracking jokes in one or the other way. Saira thought that only young professors were making fun and jolly. She didn't expect this from Prof. Chandrudu.
Always making fun, and was never serious. Saira sometimes felt a little bit suspicious about his  funny nature. Saira was careful. Doorman, informed that Saira has reached the auditorium. Doorman was asked to bring Saira to his cabin, near the office. Saira had to obey the professor, so she came to cabin with her files, slides documents, needed for her presentation, 
Saira stood at the door, though doorman had already holding the one door open.
" May I come in sir?", asked Saira."Oh! Saira,my..comm'n in..hm..". "happy to see you...my..",
 raising his right hand called her in.
 Saira stood near the opposite of the Table on which Professor was sitting. He asked her take a seat.
A computer was on his table, other stationery and other files were scattered. 
Saira felt, Prof. is  untidy cabin, messy table and unpinned papers, scattered pins , pens without the caps,
 ball point pen's stain will not be cleaned, at all. 
she said to her self in her mind, and a lips showed that she was not happy. Her eyes swept, scanned all over his table, why shouldn't he stop loitering  around  cracking jokes, and make his things 
alright and learn some neatness?

Prof could read Saira's mind as her eyes were sweeping on the untidy table. But he didn't mind and appeared bothered. He called Doorman asked him to get  Tea glasses. 
Generally Tea is served in transparent glasses of medium size. People love to drink like that.
 So that was  the practice.of that region. On one edge of the Table, a bottle of water was kept and the lid  was not tightly closed.
She got doubt, if the bottle falls on her, dress...? Ophs...So again she got up and stood,
Again Professor asked her to sit.Just again she stood up. Doorman brought the glass tea, and kept it on the Table.
She was careful even with Tea transparent glass, as Professor, used his hands freely while talking.,
 so quite possible that he might hit at the glass also. She said she doesn't drink Tea, and asked doorman to drink.

Looking at the watch she said, "Sir, it is the time, I have to arrange papers,. just I have to check ..."
so I will make a move, to auditorium.. Sir..You can come after Tea...",
she thanked without even waiting for his nod or response, turned and quickly walked out of the cabin.
She took a long breath, as she thought, she has come out of some embarrassing situation, from the messy cabin.
Her Presentation was very well, and got a huge round of Praise from all. She imagined her of her success, and care for her parents, so much they showered their love and blessings to her all success. Now it is the time for her turn.
Saira was in a happy mood, and rushed to her parents to share her happiness.
 Parents were very happy to see her, and hear her success in completion of her thesis and submitting it,
and Together had a nice dinner. Every thing was prepared as per  Saira's  taste. 
She liked the 'Puran poli", the soft sweet roti like, with jaggery and channal dal, boiled together, till soft,
and made it in to a thick paste and stuffed in Wheat floor Dough,  and rolled in to rotis, 
carefully without the stuff pushing out. With Ghee she liked it very much. All three were very happy, 
with the stomach ful  feast. All were very happy which they were waiting for so long.
After dinner, Saira and her father sat in front-yard of the house. After her washing and cleaning, 
Saira's mother too came out and joined in the discussion, about her presentation. 
Every one finished all talking, then all were quite for sometime. Saira's father looked at Saira's mother.
 Saira's mother got up from her place and sat near Saira, very close, and very affectionately, full of love, 
put her hand on Saira's head and said, "My...God's grace....you have done best, ...",  she continued, "now listen,please..listen , my child, how to tell you...", seeing her plight to tell to her daughter, Saira;s father, 
suddenly said," Saira,  We have seen a boy, which in my  mind, is suitable for you...I have contacted the parents...seeing the photo they have agreed to see you tomorrow, at our house,
 The boy is also coming along with  his parents. so please be ready, nicely....ok ..
you are good looking, my you are beautiful, but still I want you to look very good decorated,
 with nice jewellery and nice sarees. traditional  dress, you look very  beautiful...you are charming my child....", 
with one gulp he told everything without any break, 
but only pause in between to take breath. He felt he has told her, but what he observed his daughter's face,
 is, she was nodding  her head side to side, meaning, no..., bending her head. Saira couldn't control her tears
,...wiping her tears, with her slim hand palm,  still, nodding...no.....She said she didn't want to leave her parents. 
She didn't even ask what the boy was doing? She was sobbing...continuously, it was an outlet for her all day piled up, anxiety, and meeting with the unpleasant Professor, Her work was appreciated. She didn't show any such feeling towards, Professor at that time. Silently observed and kept silent, without commenting anything on him, 
Still gave a smile at him.

Saira went in to bed room, mother followed her to soothe her. Thinking about the future life she was confused 
 and marriage with a stranger, And more than that away from her lovely parents, who all their life, 
worked hard for her.
Full of all these  in her brain, she burst out in her mother's lap, " why for me...why for me...god is so cruel..",,
  "no no... "she corrected herself, said, ..." you're my God, amma,..., without your I could not be alive, as I am today...", saying she doesn't want to be away from her parents. She can articulate her duties and responsibilities. She was wise. balanced in her thoughts and actions. 
Mother told her it is the life's natural phase of life to get married at that age after completing her higher studies. 
Earlier they wanted to get her married, but Saira was bent up on her higher studies, like that she completed her Doctorate successfully. Now it is time for settling in life with the companion.
She was full of all these thoughts and automatically slept, Mother without disturbing her, switched off lights 
and left the bedroom.  closing the door behind, slowly without  hinge  sound.
For some time parents were sitting in the hall and discussing about how go about to marriage,
 if the Boy says yes and agrees for marriage tomorrow, as he would come with his parents.
They were discussing for some more time, it was a long session of Saira's parents.
Morning it was late, when Saira got up, she got ready and went out for some shopping along with her parents.
Every preparation was going on with utmost care to impress the Boy and his parents, who is going to be Saira's
 companion for life, would be husband. 
Around,  five clock, as communicated...Boy and his parents arrived at Saira's house. House was 
very neatly cleaned, some special look was there. Parents , 
(Would-be-groom)Boy, Murali,  was good looking, first thing he touched elder's parents feet. A smile on the face, 
good height, charming face, well dressed, with light blue shirt tucked inside, appealing personality, nice thick hair, 
side locks. He was like a special hero. Saira's  parents, busy in hospitality. 
Murali's parents didn't show much interest, seeing the house, but they were quite, as son is going to take the decision. every decision was Murali's  So He liked her, She was wearing  Kanchi silk,  light red sari, and
 A long plait with all jasmine flowers. A  beautiful traditional look made her, very very attractive. After  all  light snacks,  Murali's parents had coffee along with Saira's parents. parents. 
Murali was happy and expressed his interest in marrying her. Murali, was  a doctorate in Medicine, and was a Physician, and FRCS. degrees from USA. He had a well-established  Hospital of his own. He was a very down-to-earth person.Simple, polite, humble, all his behavior showed them. 
Murali asked Saira,..."om..", he just looked at Saira, didn't know where and how to start,
 Saira's father initiated seeing Murali's facial interest, " Saira, just ...little take him around ..show him...
you can talk to each other..", Saira was quite and didn't respond immediately, Then she got up, it was clear from her movement that she was very feminine in her activities, delicate, But quite intelligent and lot of experience that made her to gain the needed wisdom How to carry herself on any situation.
Both together, walking side and side, looked at pair and couple..elder's thought, specially, Saira's parents.
Murali felt a little free to exchange opinion with Saira and they got on well with each other, It was clear from their happiness-lit faces. They exchanged mobile nos.
Saira was free and just waiting for her official declaration of PhD degree. Then the convocation ceremony.
First  Saira's mobile  rang, it was from Murali.
 He expressed again interest in her.. and again wanted to meet her, He thought she might be shy or immediately not willing to come, so he planned to communicate with her and spend more time to know more about her, by inviting them to his Hospital, where he had a special room.invited her and her parents to  conference hall at his Hospital, 
it was  quite spacious,.....patients for waiting, with all facility another corner a pharmacy was located make  prescribed  medicine available easily to the in-patients.

Saira was wearing  little fashionable dress, dignified enough, and was looking very gorgeous. Her parents were quite simple, took a lot of care to wear very decent dresses, specially the  would-be-married party. He had invited a few very close friends. The hospital staff to was there. and were informed about the same.
Watchman of the Hospital, Ramayya,  was very curious, enthusiastic, so called thrilled, like youth, 
as the Doctor-Boss, is going to get married  and the bride's arrival.
He ironed all his clean, pure, very pure, no stains,  white uniform and  while cap neatly, arranged on his head. 
He was very active with wide open eyes, a big wide smile on his face. Practiced some more saluting perfectly at the bride and her parents.He brought nice Rose flower, and stalk covered with printed plastic and tied it. so that stalk shouldn't be hard to hold for, the Would-be-bride. He was looking at the watch, and at the entrance gate.
The wait was over, Beautiful Saira, walking gently, behind Murali, were coming towards the hall, where Ramukaka, was waiting at the gate. Watchman, Ramayya, was  called by pet name, Ramukaka. He was almost trustworthy, and taking care of all things, like a family governess. His wife too was a ayaa there doing all cleaning work, dusting, sweeping, all to keep hospital clean.
Ramukaka hold the flower in front of Saira, with a wide smile, bending low, " chchanad...amma...chaluve...tu mba chaluve..", (meaning, you are beautiful, more beautiful, respectfully, mother ststus to her)
 He lifted is hand and forefinger thumb joined together and other three fingers straight, it is the sign(gesture) of  expressing excellent beauty.  and at the same time nodding head left to right,, he was very happy to see her. 
Both Murali and Saira went inside, after looking back,  if her parents were also following them.
Both  very far behind  Saira's parents were coming slowly. They were not so bold  proud like rich, 
but were  from a middle class family. They were proud of their only daughter, whom they brought  her up
to this level, of completing Doctorate. Till the time  Murali and Saira pass the entrance he was looking continuously at them.
Holding both his hands in cross on the Chest he prayed looked up, to thank and pray  to bless them.It appeared he was much contented to see, as he was worried, if a bad woman comes, how to work below her. and he was worried for his wife also about the same.
 Saira's parents came near and stood at the entrance , to step, and looked at Ramakaka also. Both were exchanging looks. Saira's parents smiled at him as he saluted him, his hand bent and the palm at his head, palm facing outward, perfect saluting. His hand stooped there only, He didn't respond to the smile, but went on ataring at him continuously. 
Saira's parents joined hands and made Namaste in return to his salute. Ramukaka recovered  from his staring .at them, he too said namaste joining his hands.  Saira's parents entered inside where Saira and Murali were siting.
Murali  got up and called Saira's parents,, by holding hands he made them comfortable, and made them  to sit  near the table. Murali introduced his friends, and high tea was served, They were all enjoying. But Saira;s parents were not happy it appeared on their face, thought they got all hospitality from everyone.
Watchman was continuously staring at Saira's father, trying to recollect, he looked up, here and there but still scratching his ears and hair, to recollect something. Where he has sen him? He looked at Saira's mother, 
 for some time and felt that, he  feels he knows her face, he has seen her.
Ramukaka tried to recollect and he was absorbed deep in to 'that" thought, he didn't know what he did, 
and when the party was over. After going home he discussed this with his wife. She reminded him about Past.
She reminded him that, it is who who took both those people from the  hospital to their home, in that place, called Madikeri, where Ramukaka was  making his living by  "TONGA", the cart, drawn by the two horses.
"That's when..", asked...continued, yeah I remember, that Saira's parents were also from Madikeri, 
they were making a living, very unhappy as they didn't had children of their own. So they had gone to the hospital to take the test. There the,  Doctor confirmed that , he cannot have children at all.
They came out of the hospital and were  in shock,  sat in the front-yard of  hospital for sometime. 
and then left for home. In front of the hospital, there was a Mosque, They started walking slowly pausing in between, looking up for God's help...and silently asking him, why...what papas (sinsthey have committed in the last janma (birth)...and again walked without any felling, other than feeling of dejection!

When childless parents were passing from that lane, they heard a baby's cry. They were walking silently, blunt, no thinking at all,  As  it was continuous crying of a, baby, shook them, for a while. It was a jolt for them. They stopped, wife stretched her hand to hold husband's arm, to make him listen some more. Wife,(motherly touch), she wanted to hear from which direction, it is being heard. 
They stopped for a while. looked around, and they spotted a small baby at the entrance corner,  in a half-filled garbage bin.  Saira's mother quick enough, seeing that sight, couldn't stop, frisking the bay lifting the baby, firmly. Babies are supposed to the God's form... Grabbing baby and couching the baby to her chest. 
Cursed the God, cursed woman-wood, the woman who has brought such a condition to the baby... She felt so full of love, full of affection, felt some God's grace on her head,  after couching tightly the baby to her chest. Feeling warmth and safty in the couch,  Baby stopped crying, now, as the baby was thrown open,naked, outside, open. harsh condition baby was almost screaming... Baby was fair, plump also. The baby was just  a month old. 
She felt so relieved. and signaled to her husband, to take  baby with her, and hurried him.

Husband said,.."no..No.. it is wrong...", but wife insisted, 
and felt there is nothing wrong.
 "...see hear her, When the baby is in dustbin that' means, the baby is neglected...isn't it ". 
Covering with her  saree  pallav, dragged the cloth more to cover the baby. 
Generally babies, after birth they wrap tightly to make  baby feel that they are safe in the wrap,
 like mothers' womb.
Waited as some body might come. So far no body was seen near by. 
Both were looking at each other. stood for sometime. Suddenly, wife started walking bending her head down....
In the meantime, theKhazi (priest), woke up, hearing the baby's cry. He said seeing the couples, caring for the crying baby. sooth, console... he said..." .....Amma, leke jaao baby ko,...mein kya karonga,, mera koi nahi hai...isko dekhane ke liyae" (take away the baby, what I will do, no family to take care of the baby...).kazi continued"...maula mere...mula mare..." 

Wife could hear still, still kazi was walking away from them.
... Husband was looking once at wife and once at khazi, just stood still, 
 It appeared  that khazi wanted something in return, He took his watch and gave it to him,
 and hurriedly followed wife.

That's what wife wanted and  hurried,  thanked  him; holding the baby, wife rushed out..still husband  was balnk,
 he didn't know what to do and how to deal; with this unexpected but favorable-to-wife  situation, and wife heard  the same voice of khazi saying.."aabaad raho...khush raho...fuloo faloo...yaa allaha khuda...teri ajab khel...leela..".

Husband came behind her. The husband said," ok fine..then...take an Tonga...to go to home with tiny baby", 
The baby is crying might be hungry,
so both they got into the Tonga. and came home. In the mean time they were  asking him about where is the market and about  baby food shops....with the Tonga -puller, but never revealed to them. 
Seeing, wife couching the baby on her chest, Tonga-puller thought, if  she is the mother, she would have breast-fed, then if baby is crying, and now they are finding out where baby food, milk etc etc...it means , it is not her baby, 
then  there must be something.
On their conversation he could make out that they have picked up the baby, from somewhere, and going home. 
He felt it is not good to ask. why he should bother about it?
His work was only to reach them home and not to interfere in their affairs. Just collected money and went away.

Husband and wife were Saira's parents.. they took lot of care and thought without others knowing about the baby, and its origin or past. They completely want to forget, but It is there own baby.

Saira;s parents decided, they should leave that place as  baby from where  picked up one shouldn't know specially, her relatives. So they changed the place for Good of them and baby. They  brought her up as there own religion and brought up in the same environment.  So they had come twenty years back to Dharwar. 
The same Tonga puller is Ramayya who migrated to Dharwar just a two-years back, in search of a better living. He had forgotten all the past. Ramayya got job at the hospital and won the heart of all and became, Ramukaka like a family member, a governess, with his wife. He got up and went to the shelf, where he had kept his valuables. He picked up a watch...and he studied it. It had stopped working. This watch, he had Bought from khazi' it was not useful for him in any way, he wanted money so sold it  And Ramyya used it for sometime, he didn't use it properly, so it stopped working.
He saw turned the watch, steel-strap, behind,  it was inscripted in very small letters, Anantmurthy. He tried to link those happenings what had happened with him. He thought he will find out the Truth behind.
Ramayya, took leave from the hospital and went to his native place. There was some change in that town, but still, 
 mosque was existing and the that khazi, was grown old, as sitting there. He just showed the watch to him, and asked him how did he get this watch. AS khazi was very old he couldn't recognize it. But still after so much stress, he told the story of a couple picking up  a baby from garbage tin.and said he didn't know anything more than that. They handed this watch to me for keeping quite, and allowing the baby to take it with them. Then he remembered couple with a month-old baby and acrrying them to their house. When he went there in search, there was some people, they don't know, they said they are settled here  more than one and a half decade. He examinned all about them  even from hospital registry, the test done and the doctors report. It should be revealed as per the law, but still, with the help of a nurse, got the information. That the couple were childless and they will not have any children at all. 

With a heavy heart he returned to house, told every thing in detail to his wife. Now how to convey this to his Doctor-boss, He didn't want to hurt him. The girl is very beautiful, learned, very human, polite. 
Two days he couldn't to do anything and face his boss. 

Next day, unwillingly he went to Saira's parents house, finding the details from other staff there,
 but not to tell anything about, what his in mind is worried about.
Saira's father  had gone out. So he wished respectfully to Saira's mother, and asked her, about since when they have settled here and all about their life. But Sairas' mother remembered that Saira was her Own daughter. She didn't remember anything. After all conversation with the mother, Ramaukaka came to know that. they are from the same place,  called Madikeri...from where he too had migrated a couple of years back in search of work.and migrated here for making a living and education of their daughter.

Saira's father came to the house, seeing him, he was taken a back, first thinking that he has come to meet Saira...
he couldn't guess why he is here in their house. Just recover from his confusion, puzzled, fear, a little anxiety,
 leaving his slippers behind, straight went in to the kitchen, saying he wants water. Sairas' mother too came inside. 
Both they were worried, why Doctor-boss's watchman has come to their house? was a real worry.

To make tea, Saira's mother started to prepare, tea, in the kitchen. 
Saira's father came out and sat there opposite to watchman. Both were looking at each other, in silence. 
After giving tea, mother went inside Saira's bedroom, to clean her room, as she had gone with her friends.
Suddenly Watchman, Ramyya, hold the watch, in front of Saira's father, and stared in to his eyes. Looking at the watch, though, he recognized it, ignoring the fact,
he said,
 " what  are you doing, why have you come her?..because you are my would be relatives watchman,
I allowed you inside,...and..", "you shouldn't be here..", he continued brushing his palms against each other,
"does your boss know about this. we come from a middle class family, 
it doesn't mean you should take the advantage of it...."...annoyingly Saira's father said. to Ramayya. in one breath.
Ramayya cut in the middle, " your name is inscribed, at the back of this watch, 
aren't you Anantmurthy...khazi told the story to me...", he hold the strap of the watch, 
and swung it, to & fro,  in front of him. in front of his eyes, 
what do you say now?...? migrated decades back, with somebody's baby?..", 
he was angry, as his boss is good and he didn't want to be cheated by any others.

" I had been there at native place, two days back and met the Khazi,
 to whom you had given him as a token to allow the baby to take?
he sold it to me...", " now you tell me..the truth...", Saira's father,
"what do you want to know?...the truth...what truth..."  turned his face away from him...and screamed...
"get out of my house...out of my sight...I otherwise, otherwise... I will call police,,, and inform you boss, 
that you are threatening us.

Hearing this Saira's father  pitched high and raised his  volume of his voice..."get out,...hhh..hh.. you swine...
get out of my sight....". sighed and continued..." go...go. do whatever you want..." like a bomb,
 then he fell to his seat and bent his head back.
"I know the truth..She is not your daughter...you have taken her from mosque, she is not from our religion......",
with heavy thumping his steps he barged out of the house, shouting stretching his hands at  Saira's father, 
" I will inform...to parents...and to Doctor...about the truth...see I will tell the truth...". 
Standing on the step, Saira's father too yelled at him,,, " go to hell... do what you want to do...I don't care...?
Even a cat, otherwise a timid)  pounces, when it is put in the tight corner,
In the meantime, Saira, was at the gate, when Saira's father was about to turn,  to go inside the house. 
He stopped there first, for a few second and a glance at his daughter, 
 but couldn't as he was full of emotions, eyes were full and his anger, repentance at at the peak.
Repentance was  for,   not controlling  his anger and shouting, making the scene ugly. 
He could have handled Ramayya's situation, in a  better way.
She knew something unhappy, unpleasant has happened, otherwise, 
she never had seen her father in that status, negative aspect of his nature.
She had seen his good part of his nature. otherwise also he is good  natured  man calm and quiet natured,
 in most of the situations.

But now it is the helplessness, because of a watchman a good future of his daughter is going to spoil.
Still he entered inside to hide is tears, outburst, pouring down the cheeks..
Saira's mother came out, comforted her husband. and made him to sit.
Saira came to know her story which unfortunately or fortunately,  of the past ,...and came to know
 that they re not her real parents.
Even, she had heard in poojas,  that  Lord  Krishna's life too, was brought up by...
 Some one gave birth, someone brought him up.

All the three were crying holding each other. Still she thought they are only her parents,
who have showered their love, affection and life on her. 
She thanked them, she is very lucky to have them as her real parents.

Real parents too don't do any such sacrifices. She handled the situation is a  graceful manner, which needs braveness to handle sensitive issues,  and mixed emotions. 
She said she doesn't want to leave them , not interested in the marriage.and asked parents not to respond at all.
She hugged her parents and said they are only her real parents.

She went in to her bed-room, locked it from inside. 
What else she can do to relieve her stress? she is now on the crossroads.

Murali liked her so much and they met quite number of times, to find their compatibility for marriage.
Everything was decided. She was very close to him. she too was involved in his warmth and closeness. 
Worried now as the things are so complicated. 
If Ramayya informs about the same and  explained their past  life, and even with the proof, 
 then everything will be over. once for  all...how she will face Murali and Maurali's parents? murali's parents think that Saira is cheating them. But now Murali came to that she  came to know yeasterday itself about her past life. to his Murali's parents. 

It is now Saira's  serious problem, 
It's she who will be the most affected amongst all people, concerned with this issue.she moved with him, 
showed her consent for marriage,..and tried to be close with him. 
But she knew her limitations. He might have hold hand and touched her,  and kissed her. 
but She never crossed the line, of decency. 

Now things are going to be worse. She thought Now Murali's  chapter is closed. 
Once parents come to know of this they might not allow his son to meet, and might even once, to meet her, 
 the marriage proposal.

 she already had accepted him as her husband unofficially, as the things were at that time. 
She was felling double minds, Murali's  parents will not accept and throw her out of  Murali's life.
She felt proud of her parents, but felt ashamed of the  unwed woman(she didn't want to call her as mother), 
who tossed her into mountain peak. She wept, wept....and couldn't sleep.

Parents too scared, feared ....crying... that  he  might have reached now,and told the truth, 
so how to face such cruel situation, 

He cursed why he gave watch to the khazi.never thought he wills ell to this fellow and, 
now this cheap fellow is going to ruin my daughter's life.
Whole night they were worried, looking at the door, when the "MOUNTAINS of ROCKs" will strike them.
Now no hopes for the Saira's Parents, about the marriage proposal at all. It is all over. Ramayya had brought,
 the proof along with him his name was inscribed on it. So there is no question of denying.
Parents will cry and  what else they can do other than blaming their fate...they just  sat  done. motionless, 
no food, no energy for one and a half day.
Mother was continuously begging, praying God to  descend and save from this unsolvable knot.
But for Saira it is the  fire test of  life test for her. she didn't come out of  her bed room confined there only, 
nursing her mind.
Once it goes to Murali, and her parents, then relations ended ,  even parents, as it is, not much interested in her, 
as they were from middle class family, they were worried about the status in the society and 
proud well known family in that area. Wealth, name fame was with them. So didn't show much interest in her, 
except for her beauty and intelligence and education, more than that son's determined  choice.

There was a war between her heart and mind.What to do? generally he rings up to her in the morning, 
since two days, he didn't.suspicion is a almost killing her. Then the past story, might have reached him.
Now she should forget him, once for all. and move forward for the sake of parents. 
Her heart started beating faster...how could she face it? She is an introvert.
She gathered all her courage and closed her eyes for sometime. Got up again washed her face. Opened her laptop.

She willed herself to not check her phone to see if he had replied. It had been about three days now
She hated that she was constantly checking his 'last seen at' status and yes, 
he had logged in just five minutes ago  Yet she couldn't stop herself
This sinking feeling to find absolutely no communication from him was 
becoming unbearable, almost torturous.

And then, just as she sat down in her chair, her phone vibrated. With her heart thudding in her ear,
 she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen. Finally! It was his message.

But when she opened it and read it, she nearly stopped breathing.
 She didn't know if he was joking or not. What was this?
 Opened her lap-top.

Since a couple of days, there was no contact or any communication at all.. Head & Heart conflict, 
heart  was stubborn what head told, so to say warned her,  her, not to think of him, see for him, 
see whether he is in line or not on the chat online also.

When she opened the message read..." 
God has no religion, 
I have no religion, sooo...

Message was like a flower's rocket enter her mind.
 It took sometime for her to realize what was happening. She pinched herself.
She read it again and again,...moments passed,  As she was introvert,  not bursting emotional-type, 
she felt a rock from her  heart lifted, which was heavy for her.

Saira and Saira's parents,  reacted more than needed, another words, it was blown to double the size, 
 out of proportion.
because of watchman's unruly behavior.
Saira after seeing that message, was nursing herself, for some time. and was waiting for call from Murali.
Suddenly she dressed up,  and informed parents, that she will be back soon.
She didn't tell any reason, as she was not sure, till she heard from Horse's mouth.

She went to temple, first, prayed for sometime. She  was very sorry to curse her Unwed mother 
and discarding her. Might be she is in a difficult situation. She said sorry again and again for cursing her earlier.
 sat there till she felt comfortable.
She gave a call, still hesitating  as it was heard to believe,  to Murali  to meet him at the temple.
Murali arrived at the temple, to meet  Saira.  To all apologies for the situation created because of....
from his side.
Both were looking at each other like strangers, eye-to-eye...they were lost in that trance.
They hugged each other for a few seconds. and  took oath in front of God, he will be always hers only.
As Murali was out of station, to meet his friend who had met with an accident. So he couldn't contact her.
His absence was confusing to Saira, that in house, war might have taken place between Parents and Murali. 
So she was suspicious. But still she had faith on him.
There was little problem, but soon got solved, and seeing Saira no one will say no to her.
Murali  invited Sairas' parents to his house, to meet his parents, and as repentance he  brought,
 Ramukaka with him.
Ramukaka fell at Anantmurthy's feet and begged for his worse behaviors.
Muralis' advice made him, uneducated,   to understand the message.
That's how the all happy ending. They got married. When the first baby was born, 
the joy of Murali's parents were on the sky high....Education plays an important role in stopping all this hatred.
Saira was more than any high cast society in looks, personality, wisdom, articulating her life.
Anantmurthy and his wife played an important role in all this happening for Good.

Really many such cases have happened. It is just one example now. expressed here. 
Education and Humane.

Every one of like main character, Murali  there won't be any misunderstanding, clash of faiths,
 or hatred towards the any  religion,   but strong monolithic will of  intolerance.
"Essence is God Is One".

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