The Orchestra of My Soul

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



........and so set forth the dragon amongst the land,

amidst the chaos of humanity, into the surge and torrential flow of life.

Again, it's here, the return to the start..... and as it draws near i feel my heart echo it's own beat.

 Once more, the wheel has turned and we begin this trip again.... but never repeat. 

 Like layers of music with overlapping chords, I harmonize with the rythym I laid before,

  synchronized to what I've driven into the ongoing score.  More and more and more...

til the schizm and chorus is a hymn and an outpouring symphony never heard before.

One more track, one more voice, another melody that unwraps and joins itself like it wants to rejoice.

  I am making my own choir, with every turn of the year,

the energy grows higher and churns and burns and shifts up a gear.

My lifetime symphony... as I grow into me...

I hope you get the chance to glance....

maybe you'll see

when I start to dance.

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