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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



Now... is more important, more crucial than either the past or the future.

  Now is the vanguard of the past.. the most recent, updated version, the latest edition.  All of the past, everything we have ever been, all our virtues and all our sin, all are merely pieces of the pathto Now.  Only if taken together as a whole could the past even reach Now.  So... Now is more than the past.

  As for the future, it's only chance at getting to happen depends entirely on Now.  It's detailed depiction and entire description is created by Now.  The future cannot exist without Now.  So, Now is more than the future.

  And to those that live with the past clinging to their backs, who only know what they have seen before and find it hard to see even the possibility of being anything beyond what they have already been... and never do any more, because 'that's how it's always been before.'  ...

Know that Now you need to open those doors.

  And those of you that live for those goals to achieve and those roles they believe for some reward they percieve that on some distant day they expect to recieve...  you are decieved.  I have heard all of your reasons and pleas that what you do is for a 'productive, responsible and prudent scheme' and that you're need to ignore 'trivial and frivilous things' in favour of financial ways and means and other such 'lucrative' things  because you are invested it your future's security.. a beautiful place where you will eventually reap the benefits and be at ease because you remained so focused indeed on just what the unknown future will need...

trust me...  no insurance can ever repay you for every moment of every day you brushed aside... a casualty of your pride. Now you must take the time to wait... to sit and listen... observe and cogitate... and participate...before time has swept you aside and your Now is too late...

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