Beautifully Broken

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



People say I should smile more often. But it's hard to do, when most of my friends are in coffins. Alot of people gossip and say that I lost it. But what do you expect, when a heart is broken so often. My shoes are made for comfort, but they're still difficult to walk in. I find it easier to hold my breath and suppress my anger, rather than talking.

My frustration has turned into rage and acts of belligerence. Because those who claimed to love me are the ones who stole my innocence. I'm a byproduct of dysfunction and unapologetic ignorance. Even with a high IQ, I'm still conflicted with understanding what forgiveness is.

Pain has become pleasure, but where did it start? I guess from my Mother, the only woman that ever broke my heart.

Childhood trauma has my soul feeling suffocated. It's beyond my intelligence, to conceive how I made it. I'm nothing special, I could've been one of millions that didn't make it. Even with all of my sins, I must be one of God's favorites.

I turned my anger into fuel. Chose kindness over being cruel. I still quest for Love, though I haven't the slightest clue.

I can't afford glasses, but yet I remain focused. I refuse to feel hopeless. Even though my heart is broken. They say Love is the cure all, be I have yet to find that potion. So until further notice. I'll remain Beautifully Broken.

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