Piggies, the Invasion

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Based on one of my nightmare. Not fiction, but my nightmare.

Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



It happened last epoch. The invasion, the struggle, all in the nick of time. Harvest was in full, crops were abundant. Then, a star-like-fire, hit the ground, the earth under their feet tremble, like the end. This star got warmer, and warmer, until cold enough to show its real form, a form like no star, but, sphere-like round.

Some people came along. They saw what they saw. A door-like hatch, opened..."there", said someone. A figure, like-human, got out of the sphere, and walked toward the people, crowded. All were like hypnotized, watching, staring, at this figure-human-like. People murmuring, they wonder, all wait to see, who this figure-like human is, or not. A boy, from the gathering, ran toward the figure-like-human, then, he stopped, and demand..."hey you"! "Give me 50 cents". An adult from the gathering shouted to the kid, "you crazy boy, come back here". And the boy returned to the gathering.

The figure-like-human, made some movement with its arms, and the adults greeted back with their arms... "Is an angel from heave", said one. "Yes, I want 50 cents", said the boy again..."shut your cave, crazy boy", said another. All of a sudden, the figure-like-human, removed its head cover..."Is not an angel...is a pig, a man-like-pig" said a man. And, the man-like-pig, looked at all the gathering people, that stand there.

A woman cried, "is the devil, the most of ugliest devil...is the end, human end". And the boy yelled..."yes, and I want my 50 cents, before the end". "Shut up"! "Shut your orifice up, you crazy boy", said someone.

"Do you speak human"? asked one. The man-like-pig, answered, "yes, I speak human"..."aargh"! All the people sounded. "Come closer to us", another one invited. And the man-like-pig, approached the crowd. The man-like-pig, fixed its eyes to its surrounding, and sensing the air. "Are you from around here"? asked a man. The man-like-pig, looked at him. In fast surprise, the man-like-pig, swang its right arm, its claw reached the man in his chest, and that chest opened up, deep wide open, and the man's heart popped out.

There after, the tragedian hit. The man-like-pig, with its claws, created a masterful of butchery. One by one, every person from the gathering, was sliced to pieces, and the blood, red-purple, flow free. The man-like-pig, bent on its four, and lunched, and licked all the blood around it.

Without expected it, the man-like-pig, heard that pitch voice once more..."hey you, give me 50 cents". The man-like-pig, turned its head, and sees that crazy boy, like menace. The man-like-pig, got closed to the crazy boy, lifted one of its claw, ready to strike, and the boy woke up from his nightmare.  

Copyright 2018 by Juli Monat



© Copyright 2018 Juli Monat. All rights reserved.

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