Puzzle Pieces

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



Is it the tingling feeling I get when you said my name?

Or the butterflies I get in my stomach when you simply acknowledge my presence?

Maybe it’s the surreal fact that you spoke life in my heart again with just a hey or how are you.....that’s makes me hope for anything I once believed was hopeless to begin with

Bettering myself, working out, sex, love, hell even caring about seeing the next day


You make me want to better myself....I figure you like a intellectual conversation every once and again so a piece of me I give to you.


Working out....I had a passion for it a long time ago weather lifting running kicking and flying in the air I lost desire for. But a spark lights inside....I figure you want something to be proud of if I ever got the chance to make you feel safe....so a piece of me I give to you.


When it comes to sex it definitely is something I think about fantasize and crave. Though I don’t give myself to just everyone because even at a young age I learned that not everyone you meet is worthy of your essence and it feels like everyone but me was taught that when conversations of body count creeps out like wolves from shadows and I hold tongue for my truth is not believable. With you I am comfortable and think highly. So again another piece of me I give to you. 


I almost shed a tear but my old fashioned upbringing puts a stop to that. Shocked and puzzled how I can have the thought that I might love you. Your smile, face, your laugh, your secret love for nerdy things you think you’ll be judged for. I’ll never judge and it’s no secret with me. You warm my empty chest like Apollo does his worshipers. I give you unfrequented praise for the thought of me isn’t equal in stature. But time after time I give a piece of me to you.


I don’t have ramble on about life or wanting it to continue or cease like I normally do, as do most poets or emotional teenagers. But a testament to how you’ve impacted my life is I’m here. I am here. No one asked me to care, no one wanted my love or compassion because of those who threw dirt on them before. Hell it may have been me to throw dirt unintentionally but in knowing a person as amazing as you made me realized wanted or not if I reject and neglect that’s what I’ll receive in return. So finally I give my all to you in hopes you may be real and my dream may come true.


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