The Cruel Fateweaver

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A poem of contrasts that may be tough to interpret

Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



She possesses elegance 

A heart void of malevolence

Eyes of which entrance

Eloquence of which enhance

The strenght of the perceiver,


A soul devoid of purpose

An entangler of the abyss

A true self which'd never surface

Purgatory be his only kiss

If they collide, who is the receiver


A beauty of which rots

to sustain the life and hope

To offer to life a deeper meaning

One climbs up and one falls down the slope.

But nowhere in site is a retriever


A light that was crushed inside a black hole

But at least it's not for naught

A lady turned into a dead troll

As the shadefilled man meaning caught

he became in life a believer


Oh but tis a waste, tis a fever

For the bright lady i'm a griever

If only his head had met a cleaver

What's done is done, oh cruel fateweaver...

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