a thousand times

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018





A thousand times I scream your name, a thousand times it echoes back with no reply.

The screams leave my throat coarse and dry, drowning out the pain of losing you.

Pushing back the darkness filling my insides, dragging me down, drowning me slowly.

Wishing to see your face, hear you voice one more time.

Blinded by tears of anger, pushing myself away from all those who tell me to let go.

Falling farther and farther away, until all that’s left are the echoes.

No one left, no one here to help make it all go away.

I take a step forward, try to move past it alone.

But the monsters, pulling at my feet, not letting me leave.

I fight back, but have run out of strength and get dragged in deeper.

No way out, no light in sight, I fall further down.

Until I hit the ground and realize there is no other way out.

I close my eyes and say goodbye.

But as I feel the end, I see a light shine through.

It warms me with a feeling I had forgotten.

I float back up slowly feeling the darkness subside.

Until I’m on a shore with someone who has given their all for me.

I get up and we walk away together leaving behind the pain.

Keeping the memories.

I screamed your name a thousand times and a thousand times it echoed back.

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