I Am

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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018




I am not one thing!

I am not one race!

How dare you put me into a box and call me ______

How dare you attempt to catalogue me like a book on a shelf that knows its place

Let my DNA speak!

I am not ‘Black’ or ‘White’ like you “box” people think

But a tan hide with white pages bathed in black ink

My blood tells the story of my family history

Where and who I come from - every part of me

The stories I tell run deep in my veins, every freckle, every wrinkle, yes, they all have a name

From Nanticoke natives to Cherokee braves

And southern white settlers and their Guinean slaves

Jamaican, Lenape, Filipino and Dutch

Irish and Sioux, yes, I’m made of this stuff!

Every inch has been authored by those who came and went

I have tried and tried to tell you, but my voice is now spent

So let me write it down so you get it this time

Look, I’ll even make it easy by writing it in rhyme

You cannot define me, so don’t even try

Every box that you give me is only a lie

I’m a mixed chick, multi-ethnic

Kaleidoscopic, of no ethnic clique

You can tell me to choose till you’re blue in the face

But I’ve told you before, I don’t go by a race

You can kick, you can scream

Debate, you can yell


Unfortunately for you

I know the stories I tell.


© Copyright 2018 Brittany D.. All rights reserved.

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