Final Destination

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This is a fun little poem I wrote a long time ago about not giving up on relationships when they get tough and loving people for everything they are, even the ugly parts.

Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



I wonder what you would have said

if you were walking around inside my head

would you stumble


to find your feet

scream in pain

give in to the heat

what would you find

hidden behind my eyes

in my soul

the deepest

darkest part of me

would you run or hide

from the truth inside

would you hold my hand

be my guide

help me find

what I have lost

no matter what the cost

would you stay

or would you go

through everything

I still don't know

what would you say

in a moment of silence

to easily just lose it all

or try to keep your balance

on the edge of no return

though all fault is mine

it's none of your concern

to fall into never ending darkness

or find inner power you learn to harness

when everything seems dark and hopeless

I hope that you will always know this

though times are tough

I see the light

surrounded by the black of night

one tiny star

so persistant and true

will guide the way 

help us through

to the very end

past every curve and bend

on the road we drive on everyday

knowing thunderstorms are on the way

to make us slip and slide off track

it comes so quick so watch your back

I will drive through mud

and rain 

and snow

to get to where I need to go

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