Helpline in Rain

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Let our destiny unite for this common cause. :)

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



We ask us again what has happened,

Never in my life this land of our riches,

Got together from what caused this calamity,

We dont stop praying within searching some souls,

Who came all the way near our common home,

Raising the fate what we see everywhere,

Just when it only started to rain,

Came around this boardroom are some guests,

Their homes are washed away in the flowing waters,

Some fearlessly gave a helping hand for the drowning souls,

Today our helpline is your assistance,

Expressions waves a silence in my heart,

I see every drop of rain with uneditable endings,

Why wait for a time we fall as the prey?

In honor I embrace every home washed away,

They who are lost without any shelter in this trauma,

Who made this land for a gift of happiness,

When a grieve strike their heaven,

Fear within our soul keep searching for answers,

Can a prayer bring back the lost washed away as reservoir opens its streaming waters?

Who will come together for the aged villager who never lost the courage,

And has a reason to believe,

Our promise come from shaping this destiny for better,

All my tribute pay for a hope waiting,

To challenge this disaster sowing a helpline,

What may give them courage to face life as always fresh again,

In building our faith in God,

I request you to unite our commitment in all,

For those whom time will be shade and shelter,

Let this common spirit of compassion embrace a reason beyond doubt,

We are not victims of fate,

For we create fate of our common home,

Let us unite for the cause to nourish our assistance for all,

In every drop of water fallen rise a helpline to deliver our existence,

May life come rising beyond a shade for the keeper of this source,

Indebted in this faith let us secure our promised home, 

With oneness in our commitment in every trials of this lifetime.

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