Beneath The Dark Moon

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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



Beneath the Dark moon.


“Before the wind calls,

It is hidden, between the dark and the light.

One eye open., teeth as sharp as knives.

Hungry and waiting.. “


Mina, was born a few hours before Luna was.

It was a cold rainy day, The time was 12:03am.

She let out a sharp cry.

Their mother clarisse was so exhausted that she fainted right after giving birth to her.

She died shortly after.


“The dark is filled with secrets,

Dangerous and unprotected it is.

Enter at one’s own risk.

To be taken, and never seen again.”


Sixteen years passed.


December 2nd.

The girls birthday was coming up.

Mina hated her birthday, it reminded her of her mother.

The days leading up to their birthday, Luna noticed Mina was changing, not sure if good or bad.


Mina loved to read, Especially at night.

She would sneak out at midnight and read in the woods in the back of the house.

One night, she left later than usual and she was approached by something.. Monstrous.

She ran as quick as she could back home. It was too fast, and clawed her ankle, causing her to trip and fall.

Luna’s voice was heard, calling out for her sister.

The awful creature was startled and ran away into the dark woods.

Mina decided not to tell her sister what she saw in the woods.

Luna would give her the “ I told you so” speech about the woods and tell her dad.


She  ran to the bathroom, locked the door and tended to the deep scratch mark that was left on her ankle.

She winced applying some rubbing alcohol on it; wrapped it up and went to bed.


Mina began to have strange dreams that night;  Of herself running in the woods, Away from a green eyed wolf.

She woke up suddenly, heart pumping; and sweating profusely as she rose out of bed.


She walked to the bathroom,

Tossed water on her face and looked in the mirror.

She couldn’t believe it when she saw her eyes..

The appeared yellow,  She rubbedher eyes and looked in the mirror again.

They were back to normal.


Mina was starting to feel odd.

When she checked the scratch mark, it was gone; completely healed.  “A miracle” She thought.


A few weeks pass,

It was the girl's birthday.

David, the girls father took them out to eat.

Luna noticed Mina was acting strange.

She was mean, distant;

And refused to eat with them at the dinner table most night.s

She would sneak out every night and hung out with strangers.


It was a beautiful quiet night,

Luna dressed in white and put on her favorite red lipstick.

Mina  wore her regular blue jeans and plaid T Shirt to dinner.

The dinner, went well, it was full of laughter and great italian food.


The night turned cold, and the hours were late.

Everyone was in bed, except Mina.

Luna decided she was going to follow her,

She felt something strange about tonight.

She followed her deep in the woods, and hid behind a tree.

Then she saw… why her sister had been sneaking out every night.


The change.

Mina began to change into something.

Her bones cracked, and she transformed into a werewolf.

Luna’s eyes widened, she covered her mouth to keep herself from screaming.


Other werewolves appeared, and she ran off with them.

Luna raced back to the house, shut the door and hid under her covers.

She didn’t sleep that night.


The next morning, she got up and checked in Mina’s room.

She wasn’t there.

Her bed made up and a note was on it.


It stated”


I know you saw me,

You know my secret.

I have a different family now.

And I won’t be coming back.

Tell dad, what you like.

Good bye sis, you've always been a secret spy at heart, and that sweet angel attitude was a disguise. “



After that night,

She never saw her sister again.

Sometimes, she would sit out in her front porch and look up at the moon.

She would feel the breeze, and stare at the blackness of the night, and feel her sister watching over her.

She convinced herself that something happened to her Mina, something in the words that night..

Luna knew something was wrong, and she would not stop looking for answers.


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