Life renders destiny for the path paved

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Decision in life leads to destiny of the desired path

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



Everyone will have a goal that they are striving to achieve. Moving on with good deeds in life has a significance in the latter traveling path. Travel of life is similar to how a seedling grows into a plant with the care and nurture of mother earth. Plant embarks on the process of being a tree. The process of being a tree by holding its virtue leads to its dreams to bear the best fruit contributing to the ecosystem. Hurdles appear for a tree when human tries to cut its branches. But it overcomes by building new branches, moving on with its life. Because there is never an end to its growth until it’s completely destructed. It tries to regrow until the end of its life. It never loses the opportunity to regrow, even when a small twig of it is held on to the ground. This gives an essence of how the life of tree relates to human. Life is same for all being. Maybe a tree, leopard, eagle or human, irrespective of any living being. It depends on the nature of living being. Failure is the name of preceding success, only if failure is taken seriously to overcome.

Stopping the thought of what to do next and feeling satisfied with the current atmosphere is a clock without any movement because of no battery. But the earth keeps its motion and changes time, which never waits for anyone even for the shortest time equivalent to Planck time. The hunger to reach the goal should be insatiable. Perfection and patience are the guides which save thou from danger. Achievements and goals are endless until there is an end to thy thought.

The vision of an eagle to catch its prey from distant should be the vision of life for an epic goal. Being smart also plays a role in the long run. Eagle is such a smart bird which flies above the cloud when the rain showers. A.P.J Abdul Kalam stated as “All birds find shelter during rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds”.

Being wise is also an important part of life. Farthest destiny cannot be reached with fewer footsteps from the ground. It requires every milestone to be stepped over with full effort. Think before taking thy step but never regret the resulting consequences aftermath. Because tis a lesson thou ought to learn and ain’t choose the false direction hereafter.

Truth is another source of serenity in mind. If you are truthful to yourself, there is no weakness in the world who can hold you away from your dreams. Believe in thy dreams, because belief in oneself is the strongest part of a human. Lord Buddha quoted as “If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, and is it kind”. Being good and humble to the right people comes along on the long journey.

Life shows various ways, choose the right one, believe in it, and experience it. Julius Caesar once said, “Experience is the teacher of all things”. Experience gives the answer to upcoming questions and hurdles in future. Hustle in all possible ways to find the answer but never let it go. Discipline with attitude fierce the hurdle with fire. Research of our ancestors helps us in many ways to find the solution to certain queries. Archaic thoughts rejuvenation to novel experiments is an art of incredible results. Achieving goal is not just enough to be successful. One’s knowledge should be bestowed to others which helps future generation. Dreams to reality leaving morality to world discovers divine spirituality in the soul. Life is a pen with a tranquil soul as ink expressing its purity of thoughts on a paper inspiring people through its wisdom.

Decision at right time and place pay your prize. The decision can be fruitful with success by listening to inner conscience with consciousness to lead the righteous path. A restless mind with big dreams has thoughts of reaching the epitome of success. Mind goes through various thoughts to find the answer to queries running all day. Negotiation with mind finds the solution to numerous question. When there are positive thoughts, an obvious negative thought arises to keep you aback. Intimidate negative thoughts to enlighten towards positive prospects. When mind makes a blunder, ponder on the map of thoughts. The inner self is soulful when the spirit of thoughts emerges solution for all queries in mind.

“Wake up”, Make dreams alive, believing in that “you” can do it.

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