The Seduction Of Erato

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If music be the food of love, play on.

William Shakespeare

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



The Seduction Of Erato

Erato, Greek Mythology Muse, she was the Protector of Erotic and Love Poetry. She holds a Cithara (an ancient Greek lyre) and wears a wreath

Erato, my gifted words sensationalized to amuse

Bestowed on the worthy to appease, enthuse

Honey dripped words echoed as I softly speak  

A fervent liaison between you and I, epitomized nightly on lavender scented, silken sheets

Words to seduce, lure, draw you in

Playing the sweet melodies of your heartstrings as integrated love slowly begins

Scrolls of yearning engraved of my Erotic poetic needs

Hear the resonances of My Cithara I play, as runaway desires are sinking deep within me

Two bodies frolicking in love, seductive words bathing

Heart-to heart, words to transcribe, the absence of disengaging

Sharing of its warmth embrace

Strokes of tenderness to the skin felt upon thy face

The rhythmic serenade of poetry, protects the balance of love

Coveted words blessed by a Muse from above

Heighten me sweetly in the mist of sheer pleasure

I’ll shower you with heartfelt words as you gently raid my raining treasure

Feel the rush of passion, basking the eye found upon thy arrowing head, weakening thy knees

Expressive acclamations, moans to tease, enrapture, please

The majestic poetic narratives, behind a lover’s twisted key

Whispered on the winds from afar, from the very heart of me

Surrender of echoes, sailing the high seas, the rivers, and the depths of the oceans

Penned to the heart, gentle to the mind as soothing love potion

Erato, a Muse of Erotic and sultry Love Poetry, written of timeless devotion

Librettos worshipped to feel, taste, believe, mate

In the trail of written lines, find me, as words of love from thee awaits





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