the nine golden principles of a successful marriage

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these are principles that will sharp your marriage life and make it better then the best. just take a look at it. it might just be what you need to know to become a better spouse to your partner.

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018





1. Love and trust your wife/husband with all you heart

this principle is difficult to do by many married couples nowadays because of the notion about the world’s own concept of marriage.  Listen guys forget what you might have heard outside and trust in the person you married. Any marriage without trust and love is already a failed marriage.

2. Always create time for your wife/husband

So many marriages are failing nowadays because many of us youths are too focus on our jobs and careers than we do to our wife/husband. Listen guys, you can always get another job but what you can never get again is to have someone so lovely and caring like that person you married. Don’t be a “workcoholic”, create some time for your spouse for it is one of the things that will make a marriage last longer.


3. Do not starve your partner

Do all you can to satisfy your spouse. Give your spouse anything he/she needs of want any time the ask for it. Do not deny them their rights. If you cannot give them what they ask for at the time the ask for it, let it be agreed upon by the two of you, but do not build the attitude of always doing that all the time. The starvation of food and Sex in marriage is the cause of so many broken marriages today. If you really want your marriage to last, avoid this.


4. Be supportive to your spouse

Many young ladies and men nowadays want to get married to someone who can help them grow and in whatever their dreams and visions are. Many marriages have failed today because the couple only get to discover when they are married that they both love different things and so cannot have one mind or agree on anything thing. Listen anything group or persons who cannot agree on anything thing will surely broke apart even the Bible says it clearly “A Nation divided in itself can never Stand” “just like two cannot walk together less they agree”. You want your marriage to work, Love what your spouse love even if its something you hate with passion. If you truly love your spouse, you can learn to love what he/she love.


5. Be the first to appreciate your spouse

Let them know how proud you are about them when the achieve a goal or target. When they succeed, be happy for them and when the fall, encourage them. Be their backbone and let them know they can always count on you.


6. Caress your spouse with your words

Call your spouse with a special name any name that you know that will make them happy when you address them as such. Many women likewise men want to know how much their spouse really love them. They are tied of just seeing the actions. They want to hear you say it to them as many times as possible.  Sweet words in a marriage relationship will really play a big role in making your marriage last longer and sweeter. Make your spouse know you care not only by actions but equally by words. Believe they want to hear it every single minute that passes.

7. Be the first to apologies when matters arise

They are no such thing like a perfect marriage but that does not mean we cannot make ours perfect. Problems will come, challenges will. But those are not actually what we should be scared of but how we will manage them when they come. If you want to have the best marriage ever, never you allow any issues last for a day without solving them. Please don’t go to bed when you are not happy with your other half. Listen he/she that loves you can never hurt you intentionally. Just forgive them and let the matter rest.Trash any arising problems immediately before they grow bigger.

8. Communicate always with your spouse

Don’t try to be on your own when you are mad with your spouse or with a colleague. Always communicate any issues you are having with your spouse. That’s the only person who will truly help you to figure out the solution to what ever problem you might be having. Even if you are not happy with you spouse, just let them know. That’s the key in avoiding any issues in marital homes


9. Make up your mind to look at only your spouse as being special

This is my most important rule. This rule might sound stupid to you but it works. It will safe you from losting over women or men when married. And this rule says


For the men: “Led every woman be a man to you and let only your wife be a woman”

For the women: “Led every man be a woman and let only you husband be a Man”


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