Who I Be

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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018




Little girl from Brooklyn,

No grass in the park.

Jumpin’ off the swings just to land on black tar.

But she fly.

Leaves the scene unscathed. 

Her first kiss with danger, she was never the same.

Now she be fearless, irreverent in all of her ways.


She be that girl with the crazy hair,

Don't care.

Lookin’ back she was happy, but now that's rare. 

She a product of afflictions,

A conflicted contradiction.

Wanting to keep moving, just not sure of the direction. 


She got that solid as a rock swag,


She be salted caramel, 

Not quite dark enough to fit in with the chocolate girls 

But her flavor just as sweet,

She made fearfully and wonderfully and perfectly unique.


She be your favorite song on a cold and stormy night.

She be moon and stars, used to shining through dark times. 

She don't know happy, but the pangs of pain are real familiar.

She don't open up, she just wants you to feel her…Vibes 

She don't smile much, but if you look deep in her eyes,

You just might be able to read the story of her life... 


She got a heart like ice, colder than the winter. 

They call her C~Saint, but she really just a sinner.

See, all have fallen short of the glory. 

Don't judge the chapter if you haven't read the story.


She try to be happy, so she document her sorrows.

Write ‘em down, lock ‘em up, with high hopes for tomorrow.

She use her words to give you a glimpse into her mind.

Don't take that forgranted.

That land is sacred. 

Like remove your sandals and wash 7 times before you enter.  


She been through so much, that her stripes have been earned.

She walk through flames, see if she get burned.

She be fire white. 

She be Goddess type. 

She be a lion, roaring louder than thunder when lightning strikes.


Misunderstood, treading the border of insane.

She too out of this world to comprehend the mundane. 

She got big wishes and big dreams.

Lofty goals but it seems,

The weight of this world is keeping her down.

But at the end of the day she still holds her crown up.


Chin to the sky, 

Cuz momma always said big girls don't cry. 


She is I. 

And I am me.

Not a care in the world. 

This who I be. 


July 1, 2016

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