Remember Remember Paris in November

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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018




Remember Remember Paris in November



My toes grip

Concrete's ashen skin


Sticks beat the conundrum, 

Bruise the bones of hundreds 

Made like me. 

Lights too bright, 

we crave life unseen. 


I'm swept up in a wave 

of human DNA 

slamming the stage, 

shoring devotion. 


We came out tonight 

to tune out the world's 

deafening commotion. 


A snap foreign to the instrument’s tongue

Pops the illusion, 

to reality we're slung. 


In less than a second 

I'm kissing the ground. 

My cheeks speak quietly

To Earth as She quakes 

Why can't I turn around?


Paralysis once a word just read. 

Pupils dilate, 

ears frustrate. 

What's being said?


A distant arrowed tower of light pierces 

A bloodied sky. 

He's screeching i think,

in that accent 

The one that turned my world upside down. 

The day we met 

over beignets 

in la petite town. 


I don't know how we got here. 

I never knew you could drown above ground.

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