Sweet Music

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I loved the music.

The language of my spirit. 

When my mind wandered off into the abyss I'd always hear it.

I swayed to the rhythms.

Poured my soul into the lyrics.


My tears dotted half notes and eighths across blank lines. 

Each heart beat was in-scripted with the signature your time. 

I could see it coming together, the treble, the bass, and every part. 

All on a staff that stabbed me straight in the heart.


And I bled, 

The deepest crimson red.

But I still loved that music swirling in my head.

Songs of thoughts unheard and words unsaid.

My pain painted the most beautiful melody. 

Silent cries in the middle of the night became my greatest symphony. 


Yet and still I loved the music. 

I loved it from the very start.

I was awestruck, enraptured in a beautiful work of art.

I loved the music from the hip hop, to the rock and those sad, sad blues.

I loved them all.

The best? I could never choose

I loved them all, the rap, even country, soul and R&B. 

I'd get lost in all the songs just to stray from my reality.

You see I'd get so lost, it's like I'd turn into a complete dummy.

Yet, I loved the music, but in the end where did it really get me?


The bass sent vibrations all through my veins.

The drums pounded syncopated beats all in my brain.

The smooth piano sent shivers down my spine, it drove me insane. 


I still loved the music and how it made me feel. 

Like I was wrapped in a warm embrace. It felt so surreal. 

I could see the notes just floating through the sky. 

Made me feel as though I could fly.

The music became my drug, my constant high. 

The withdrawals could've killed me, so I'd take another hit just to keep me alive


I loved it.

Every note, every line.  

Every rhythm, every rhyme

Every beat, pounding in time. 

Every genre, every instrument, 

Every sound so resonant 

I loved it. 

Every word in the lyrics,

It's like they’d come alive and speak to me. 

Every sound coming together in the symphony. 


I tried desperately to give it up and stay away.

I just couldn't help it. 

I loved the music.  

Every day my soul sang something new.

Even though it hurt when you strummed my heart strings,

I loved the music.

Still do.



Submitted: August 09, 2018

© Copyright 2020 I Am CSaint. All rights reserved.

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