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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short Gothic story, encompassing the supernatural and unrequited love.

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



The old tree’s branches sway in the wind as her claws cling to the contorted pieces of wood while she silently waits. She had been patiently hanging for well over an hour, waiting for Sergui to enter the park. Sergui is the latest casualty of her cruel ways. She had spent the last month seducing him, arousing his interest in her. Eventually he began to seek her out, coming to the gardens just after dusk everyday. He was obsessed with her. Finally, it was the right time for her to strike. Tonight however, he was nowhere to be seen. Usually, she would not have waited this long but she felt weak, her powers were diminishing. She was desperate and needed blood urgently, she needed Sergui to come.


Finally, after what seemed like an age, Sergui enters the ancient park. She silently hangs, her eyes fixated on his approaching silhouette as he follows the dismal path. In a flurry of flapping wings she flies ahead to the bend in the path leading up to the abandoned castle. Landing silently she quickly morphs into her human form. Wearing a flowing red dress with long black gloves, her elegant figure, flowing auburn hair and pale skin combine to create a creature of utter beauty. She edges forward, waiting until Sergui sees her. The scent of his strong cologne envelopes her and she senses that he is probably 200 meters away. She begins to walk faster down the murky path. She listens to his heart, racing like a galloping horse. Gradually, it slows after he sees her. Her plan is finally coming together. Continuing down the dimly lit path, the ancient trees surround them. She knows every tree’s marking and age like the back of her hand. They have been there since she was born, almost a century ago. Tonight, however, they look like old witches, there gnarled and disfigured fingers reaching for her. However, she is not afraid, but she senses that he is. Turning up the path leading to the castle, she briefly glances over her shoulder to double check he is still following. He is lagging to far behind, so she slows her pace to allow him to catch up a little.


Eventually, she reaches the door. She turns around, pretending to scan the area, trying not to notice him hiding behind a bush. She hopes that this gives him the illusion that she hadn't seen him. She seizes the old brass handle and pulls. Creak. The rusted hinges moan as she enters. Quickly moving out of sight, she morphs back into her animal form and flies into the room beside her. She hears him slip through the decreasing gap between the closing doors. His heart rate increases dramatically as he searches the claustrophobic corridors of the castle. Quickly she takes human form and opens the door of the room. She silently rushes into the darkest corner  as the old doors protest, gaining his attention and luring him to her. Frozen stiff, his blood runs cold. He is in the old castle which has been closed for nearly 50 years. Curiosity takes control of him. He edges forward, ever so slowly, entering the dark room. She waits until he has scanned the area and feels secure. As he turns, she lunges at him, sinking her taloned fingers into his shoulder, yanking him to the ground. She wraps her fingers around his thick wrist and twists his arm until it twists no further. Snap. She shatters his humerus bone into hundreds of pieces. Sergui lets out a guttural howl of pain. “Thanks for showing up” she says with a taunting smile. “Who are you and what do you want with me!” Sergui manages to stammer through an onslaught of tears. “My name is Rana, Rana Ionescu. Former wife of Vlad the Voivode, ruler of the undead!” she answers menacingly. She picks the quivering man up by the collar, and dragging him out of the room.


She forces him through the claustrophobic maze of the castle, out to the courtyard, her eating place. Sensing the fear mounting inside of the poor man she releases her grip of his collar, setting him free. He fearfully meets her sinister gaze, his heartbeat growing faster by the second. He is terrified and she knows it. Backing away from her as fast as he can, he stumbles on the garden behind him, landing on the garden trellis behind him. He picks himself, but he is stuck. The only exit is behind her, he has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. She slowly begins to advance on him, her craving for blood becoming stronger as she gets closer. She can see the veins in his neck pulsating, the metallic smell of blood fills her nostrils. Her mouth begins to water, she can almost feel the blood seeping from his neck into her mouth. His heart is pounding, the blood flowing through his body becomes ever present to her.

She can withstand it no longer, she lunges at the helpless man, sinking her fangs deep into his throat. The soothing taste of warm blood fills her mouth as it seeps from the pierced jugular vein. She sucks, trying to drain every last drop of blood from the man, as it oozes from the corners of her mouth. Suddenly, excruciating pain fills her chest. She releases her teeth from his neck and looks down. A wooden stake from the trellis behind the man protrudes from her chest. She lets out an enraged roar, knowing that she is doomed. As she slumps to her knees, Sergui staggers over to her. Now drained of any remaining strength, she slumps to the ground. As Segui pulls the stake from her chest, she lets out an agonizing gurgle. She had not finished drinking Sergui’s blood, meaning that she had transmitted the evil curse into his body, therefore he too would become a vampire. In her dying moments, she watches him raise the stake above his head. Blood erupts from his chest as he plunges the wooden stake deep into himself. He collapses, dying. Rana’s eyes cloud over and everything fades to black as the air escapes from her lips one, last, time.  The End

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