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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018





she came to the fountain

looking for a wish

something to quench

her parched insides


this was where she'd always come

to partake of the cup

to eat of the bread

taste the wine on her lips


she came

looking for a word

hungering for a blessing

a sip of living water


she looked at the others

all dressed up

with their sunday faces

leaving all their pain at home


she sat down

flipped through the familiar book

seeing the words and the notes

echoes of her childhood


promises of peace passing understanding

life everlasting

all her longings fulfilled

if she came and assumed the role


she bent forward

as if in supplication

too weary to hold up her head

too raw to say the words


to stand up at the asterik

speak at the bold

shake a hand at the Peace

or sing boldly of a fountain filled with blood


she thought of cool water

on her tongue

aching for a hug, a touch

but her neighbor looked at her, frightened


this is where she'd always come

this is where they spoke of water gushing up

plentiful, cool, refreshing, life-giving

she could still taste the tangy sweetness of the wine


remembering how the small square of bread

got stuck on the roof of her mouth

she quietly left the fancy room with fancy people

in search of




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