I Am

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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



I Am

I Am Woman

I Am Whole

I Am Beautiful

I Am Vast


I live in harmony

with the moon

cycles coinciding

flowing together


life and death

death and life

mysteries unfold

within my body


I am more

than just a broken rib

a spare part

a piece of Man


I am Woman

Created to create

to dream, to bring about

to imagine and to strive


I possess the capacity

to bring together

a human being

inside my own body


from my body

I can feed, nurture

offer communion

of life-giving nourishment


They say I am weaker

Second-best, In His Shadow

and yet I have overcome

risen from flames unimaginable


I've been beaten, dismissed

Used, blamed for others' sins

I've been the historical Scapegoat

the Easy Other to condemn


I've been shut out

Ignored, made invisible

Intellectually categorized and boxed in

And according to some


God is sorry he made me


I'm told to keep quiet

in religious gatherings

or to be covered from head to foot

lest I be someone's downfall


simply by being


I ate of the fruit

from the beginning of Time

because I have a hunger, a passion

for all of life, all of knowlege and all of experience


for which I am condemned




I Am Woman

I Am Strong

I Am Powerful

(why else would they be so afraid?)

I Am able to bring forth Life


I have been broken

Stripped of dignity, sold, controlled

Men try to legislate and moralize

and dictate my body's actions 


But I am more than flesh and blood

I am a soul

I am a spirit

I am a divine being


I love passionately

against great odds

I will fight for my loved ones

with blood, sweat and tears


I have an unbreakable bond

with the children of my womb

I am Home

I am Origin


I was created for Life

to live it, sustain it, to nurture it

to fight for it, to embrace it

to celebrate it


I have risen like a phoenix

countless times

when left for defeated

and conquered


I am always more

than you think I am

I perpetually surprise

with my endurance, passion and strength




I Am Woman

and I Am


God's Masterpiece.



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