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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



Children gathered beneath the great tree. Hushed whispers were a thing of the past, everyone was practically yelling.  A yellow orb peaked above the surrounding mountains. Streaking pink under the clouds. “Why did I go to this school?” Ladders ascended over me. Cliffs stood like giants, with hats of green. “Since when did waking up at dawn become acceptable?” I asked myself. A thick glue-like substance clung to my shoes, pulling my feet down. Trees surrounded the path that lead to the ladders. Branches full of leaves spilled over the cliffs.


An eerie breeze rocked the ladders, it brought the fresh smell of dewy leaves and flowers.  “I don’t want to die” Someone ‘whispered’, She must’ve been new. “Just don’t look down” Someone called back hurriedly as the crowd began filing into a one person line. Only guided by the routinely thoughts. I braced myself for the climb ahead. Quickly, we scrambled up the first ladder. My breathing became heavy, making clouds in front of my face.


I looked for the red marker, a piece of fabric tied around a tree. Someone had the idea of placing markers, since the disappearance of so many students. The rocks were slippery, threatening to fall. Shaking, I looked downwards. Students were still filing onto the ladder, like rainbow ants.


Sluggishly I pulled my body back up the next ladder. My bag began slipping off my damp shoulders. Wind whipped my face, throwing me off balance. My hands gripped around the worn rungs made of ancient wood.


Trees closed us in. The cold air was filled with calls and harsh breaths. “Half way!” Someone announced from far off in the shadowy distance. My eyes wandered over the surroundings, the few beautiful moments were short; someone shoved me in the leg. “Get a move on” My foot slipped, dropping dirt into the eyes of the people below.


The ladder gave way to a small cliff, which to many was used as a spot to rest. I spotted the short tree I passed the first time I went to this school. The small tree lifted his branches to the sky as if his very presence was enough to beat back the shadows and command the daylight to fall on his dry, papery leaves.


I suppose the only good thing about the effort of going to this school, was that we didn’t have to do Physical education, or nutrition. No one had time for ‘junk food’ we didn’t get enough energy from it. “Are we there yet?” I asked, although I knew very well, we were only half way.


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