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a story about the career and life of the rock band mercy, and its frontman eric leon.

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



Mercy was a rock band formed by its frontman Eric Leon, and guitarist Josh Lewis. Finishing out the band's lineup would be drummer Kenny Jordan and bassist Adam Haller. 

Mercy started out as an small alternative industrial rock band, playing tiny shows at small venues in the U.S. Eventually, they were discovered, and their discovery led to their first album, "Scientific Discovery". Mercy became known for hits such as "Blue Light", "Crying Angel" and "Blood Red". However, their most recognizable song would be "Worlds In My Way", from their second album "Serious Affairs." 

Things looked great for Mercy, their career together was going well. The band was touring in the U.S. and Canada. Soon they would be touring in Europe and later Asia. Things were not perfect for frontman Eric Leon. Eric had been dating a woman named Jess Miller. They had been together for a year, and were in love. Eric did love her very much, however he had a major secret. He had been secretly having an affair with a British model named Andrew Rollins. It wasn't serious, it was a casual affair. Eric didn't identify as gay or bisexual, he simply didn't know what he wanted, whether it was men or women. Eric did deeply love Jess, he truly did.

Night after night while on tour, this would all keep Eric awake and suffering. A show in Jacksonville, Florida had to be pushed back a day because of "a sickness" that Eric had come down with. In reality, he was simply too exhausted after so many sleepless nights he had been through on the tour. Eric was certain Jess wouldn't forgive him, for sleeping with another man. The stigma around it was too strong. Eric would eventually confide all this information in his close friend and Mercy founder Josh Lewis. 

Finally when the tour ended after a major concert in Dallas, and after almost a year of anguishing over it, Eric went home and finally revealed to Jess what had been happening. Naturally, Jess was angry, she had the right to be. Eric did love her, and cared about her. Eric then revealed to the public his situation. Many fans were supportive of him, some sided with Jess and some people were downright mean. 

Eric would eventually go on a Sirius XM radio show to talk about this situation. His relationship with Jess by this time was in a state of limbo. On the radio show, Eric talked with host Ronnie Millson. 

Ronnie: "So why did you cheat on her? Honestly, why?"

Eric: "I couldn't tell her how I felt, about my sexuality, there's too much of a stigma."

Ronnie: "Do you love her?" 

Eric: "Of course I do, I regret how I handled things, I really do."

Ronnie: "I can respect that, I really can. And you're right, society doesn't like it when men sleep with men. You're absolutely right.'

Eric: "It's unfair that so many people want my head for doing something tons of women do, sleep with women and they don't care. I slept with one man and now I'm automatically a fag. We men aren't allowed to be bisexual, you're either sneeze rainbows gay, or straight."

Ronnie: "Are you bisexual? Is that how you identify?"

Eric: "I don't think so, honestly."

Ronnie: "Fair enough, that's fine. I hope this works out for you, I mean cheating isn't a good thing no matter who you are."

Eric: "I agree, and I regret hurting Jess because I do love her, I do wanna be with her."

Ronnie: "Well hey good luck with it, I hope she forgives you because you're an amazing dude, and you deserve to be happy."

Eric: "Thank you very much, really." 

Eric's story would have a happy ending. After almost a year apart from Jess, they would get back together. Eric also broke off his relationship with Andrew, who was truly understanding after Eric's Sirius XM interview. Soon after his relationship with Jess came back to life, Eric and her got engaged, right before Mercy's first ever tour to Asia. 


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