Los Angeles, First Impressions

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LA was way more than I thought it would be.

Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



I’m in LA.

Never believed it to be possible.

Everything here, is magical.

A whole world I could never imagine.


The buildings,

That which stretch to the heavens.

Rectangles and cylinders,

Containing more power than the strongest heroes.

A brilliant mix of old and new.

The art of then, and the art of now,

Harmonizing as one.

A library, biggest there ever was.

More universes stored than in life itself.


The streets, bustling, busy, beautiful.

The road, dirty, noisy, gritty, crowded, terrifying.

People from hundreds of cultures,

Here, together, next to me.

The working, the scared, the brave, the homeless, the stressed, the writing, the artist, the musician.

How much I didn’t know,

And how much I love to see.


They say LA and San Diego are indistinguishable.

Standing here, among it all, I can see how much that isn’t true.

The empty versus the full.

The short versus the tall.

The houses versus the skyscrapers.

It’s all so different,

Yet so extraordinary.


My mind swirls as I walk.

Up, down, over and under.

All of it so mentally captivating.

A land of buildings as far I can see.

So much, done by so many.


Even through all this craziness,

I still seek one thing.


Their name.

So excitingly close, yet so agonizingly far.

With me, and not with me.

Their name is on the walls, sidewalks, streets.

I desperately seek it,

Only to have it vanish before I get near.

The name is stuck in my mind.

Like gum to a desk.

I long to see them.

For them to join me in this city of wonder.

Yet it will never be.


Even so, I am still here.

In LA.

A magnificent piece of art.

I can’t believe it.

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