"The venom"

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Submitted: August 09, 2018

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Submitted: August 09, 2018



I walked down the abandoned street. And pauses as I looked a few feet in front of me was a guy in a Robe. 

He was standing in the middle of the road way. He did not move. "Hello?" I called out. The man did not reply instead he raises up his sickle. He raises it high above his head. I froze I wanted to turn back and run away but I couldn't move. 

I felt a sudden pain in my leg and it took a few seconds to realize that a man was behind me. But only this time he had a snake around his neck. It was a cobra. I fell to the ground and couldn't feel my legs or arms. As I laid on the ground I realized a water moccasin   was near me. I watched In panic as the man in the Robe started walking down the street towards me. I watched as the man got a few feet from me and raised up his sickle. 

The cobra spit in his face. I watched as the cobra sprang off the other guys neck and landed on the guy with the sickle. I watched as the cobra bit him. He dropped to his knees and fell down. I still couldn't move. I heard a strange noise from behind. 

The other man stepped in front of me with a few other people with painted faces. They spoke a different language. The man said something and he picked my head up while one of the others grabbed me by the legs. 

I couldn't scream, I couldn't move all I could do is watch as these people were kidnapping me. The snakes venom poisoned me. Where were they taking me? I watched as one of the men grabbed both snakes and they started following us.

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