The Horrors Within

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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



If I were you,

You'll turn back

Because the horrors I've seen and heard is far worse than your face not looking right,

You might see this happy go lucky girl but I have things to hide- hide?

Why hide something that you are to people that you think that are there for you?

Nevermind that.. I have poetries to tell and write.


My sins,

My lies,

My struggles,

My unhappiness

My masks that I use to hide all these is more bodily harm than cutting your arms or wrists.

Bottling them up, Keeping them away from others and lying that I’m fine.

I just want one day where I don’t have to lie about my true feelings and actually open up to one person.

My struggles are becoming more and more difficult to face on my own.

I need someone to there that actually give two shits about me, not lie to me, not push me on the side, actually pay attention to me when I need them and I look around I see that the only person that’s doing that is God and Archangel.

I just want to be happy without chugging soda and overeating candy to make me happy.

I look around once more the things that I used to do to make me happy doesn’t make me happy anymore, I feel empty now.

More empty than you realize, I become oh so cold and sad I blackout, cry and do something I do something that’ll regret later on.

I realized that there’s more to life than just being depressed and drowning yourself to the point of no return.

No return? HAH! That’s it, why return to something that was once was bad?

I like it that I return to the things that was once was bad to me and my body… Not really sure why.

But fuck it, literally fuck it all.

I’m done feeling like fucking hell everyday this is me taking a stand on what I feel like and yeah it’s shit but at least I’m not covering it up anymore with sleeves and masks like I used to do.


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