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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



 Chapter One

( Waking up to Earth)


I wake up with a bright sun reaching my face through the trees. It was clear blue sky with a lot of flying creatures that i have never seen before, they seemed so happy and harmless as they were singing with this nice tone and flying from one tree to another. I thought i was daydreaming and i rubbed my eyes to wake up, i mean sleeping supposed to make you refresh and you don't  supposed feel so tired when you wake up however i felt pain everywhere in my body especially my head was hurting so bad and feeling so heavy for my body to cary. I could not remember anything and forcing my brain was not helping the pain. Last thing i can remember was that evil soul sucker Larx “Head of universe science corporation” nice title with lots of power which should not have been giving in to wrong hands. I had bigger problems right now.  Where was I ? What was this creatures flying, jumping and climbing around me ?


It was a beautiful weather and surprisingly warm the air was so fresh and clean, i could feel it in my lungs and i was pretty sure this was not Kartrop. Walking through trees was not as easy as it looks i had several cuts on my legs and under my feet from the bushes. Oh i forget to mention when i wake up i was naked and my clothes were nowhere to be seen. As approaching end of the trees i could see smoke rising to clear blue sky, instantly i knew that's where i needed to go.


When i find out source of the smoke, you should have seen my face. It was unbelievable and i did not know what was my feelings were exactly. Was i scared, excited or impressed? Well i don't know but seeing that circle shape wheels and huge square material was very strange. This two machines looked so similar to “Rofes” expect from the circle wheel and that huge square material. I was relieved when i see the riders of the machines were at least “Peps” although they were wearing strange clothes anyway i thought i must have been somewhere in Kartrop but of course i was not sure where was i or what was going on.


Small machine`s rider had so much blood and sure that pep was long gone so i approach the big machine and tried to wake the other pep up but i had no luck. After long thinking i decided to go to small machine again. i decided to wear those strange clothes. Even though they were strange at least they were clothes. Another hour passed by while i was trying to wake the rider eventually i decided it was time for me to move on. I follow the path heading down and arrived some sort of waterside but this water was so clear and so blue, you could even see bottom of it. I heard stories about water in Kartrop was very blue and clean but i thought it was just a myth.


After tried to taste the water i knew straight away regardless of being very blue and clean water, it did not taste anything like Kartrop`s water. This water was very sour and actually made me gagged. It was weird to see sun was setting considering normal day in Kartrop is forty three hours and i am pretty sure it hasn't even  been ten hours yet. it was this bright orange color and it looked so much bigger than what it is normally. Coming to realise i was getting hungry and thirsty i needed to find something but how nothing seem familiar.


Chapter Two

(Meeting with first human)


I know now that i am definitely not in Kartrop anymore. It was soon after sunset i saw another white sun although it was not as bright as normal sun but it was also giving light and had some sort of gray spots on it. I was in another planet but how? Next a few hours i sat down under the tree and force myself to remember what had happened?


Well i did not exactly remember how did i end up in different planet but i remember that me and my team were after Larx. I was a command lead of Kartrop`s social security and we knew Larx was up to something so we were investigating every move and decision made by Larx. I was pretty sure he was creating his own security force however we had no lead and could not prove anything against him. If he was creating his own security it would have been very dangerous for Kartrop as it happened in past with one of a kind richest person in Kartrop his name was Hickls and almost destroy half of the planet. That is why, Kartrop social security created against him to save the world and surely will never allow anything like that to happen.  Someone's ego will destroy a lot of people and Kartrop social security couldn't take that risk.


My headache started to get worse so i let go of thinking instead i wanted to explore and find out something to eat. It is very hard task to figure if something is safe to eat in a strange planet and you can never be sure. I find something that actually smell very nice and taste amazing, right behind the trees inside the bushes there this ball shape black things i grab one and squish to see what inside it, just a bright colour gluey lumps and seeds. Just after eating thousands of those things i see something on the water approaching towards the land this big metal machine was actually on the water. How was that even possible, that huge thing was on the water and wasn't sinking and was swimming a lot faster than i could have.  At first i didn't know if i should go near it to find out what it was or just stay and figure it out from this distance than i saw one of my kind just like riders of those circle wheeled machines. She just come to land and was walking towards the trees than she noticed me and stopped. “ Hey there what are you doing?”

It was so strange as i did understand what she was saying but i didn’t know how to answer to her. I have tried to answer and all i come up with was “No” . She was very kind and so helpful as she approached next to me she must have sensed that i needed help. So next couple of hours she tried to contact with me and find out where was i from and what was i actually doing here as nearest residential area was 4 days away. We manage to communicate i am not sure how but we did. I don’t like to brag but i am a quick learner and as she was talking i was copying the language very quickly although i am still not that good at it. If you are reading this you can tell my language skills are nowhere near good.


I managed to ask her what was the thing on the water and how that big thing wasn’t sinking? She replied saying it was a boat and she tried  to explain how was it floating but obviously i didn’t understand and even now can’t remember what was the scientific reason. Hours of communication made me so tired and my eyes felt so heavy that’s when she asked me if i wanted to go to the boat with her. I was worried at first still questioning the physics but i agreed to go with her because i didn’t have no other choice and i kind of trusted her.


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