My First Professional Mistake

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A petty thief confesses to stealing what he thought was a cell phone from the airport.

Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



My name is... make that was... Peter Morgan. And like everyone else in the world today, I do what I can in order to survive. That's the main reason why I allowed myself to become a thief. Anyway, the jobs that I had pulled were mostly small time gigs. But that was before I pulled a heist that I'm beginning to wish I hadn't.

I was sneaking around the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport one day. I spotted this one lone briefcase about to be loaded on to one of those private jets. When nobody was looking, I grabbed that case and took off before they were able to call airport security on me. I made it to my place and was able to catch my breath before I opened that case and saw what looked like a cell phone in it.

I was curious as to what type of phone numbers that puppy had in its memory chip. So, I pressed the power button but suddenly got blinded by this blue light. And as soon as my sight came back, I suddenly felt that something was a little... wrong... with me. That was when I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw this lady looking back at me. I dropped my pants and opened my shirt.

And when I looked down and saw that the chick in the mirror really is me, my first reaction was to cry my eyes out before calling for help. That was before I calmed down and figured that if I were to do that, everybody would label me a nut and have me put in the looney bin. So, my main question... as of right now... happens to be this. What am I supposed to do in order to survive in today's world now?

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