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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



I have lived both lives

In the two worlds

The good and troublesome

In the good I saw no difference. Be it abundance in food it is the same. Be it a home with a father and mother, living luxuriously I profited nothing. Friends, comfort I had it all. Yet it profited me nothing. Family was always around and I profited nothing. The goos we may have but is it all that really matters.

Trouble times have risen. I had and had is all i can say now. Friends, luxury, food a home and especially a doting father. I have profited nothing but atleast in this i have gained one important thing. Truth. The truth I used to believe in is all lies and what i thought was, isn't. I may have complained about trouble times and lashed at God and blamed Him to my own shame but at the end of the day my eyes have been opened and i have learnt a few things

1:Silence is Golden

2:Better be a fool than a wise idiot

3:The friends that you call friends in good times will instantly flee when you are in difficulties.

4:And your 'family' really loves you when you have something to give them.

These are a few things i have learnt in tough times. And most importantly you can never force love.

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