a pleasant tree

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Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018



A Pleasant Tree


We met upon a bright glimmering day

Beneath the leaves of a ginormous tree

I did not have the courage then to say

Unknowing what you would soon mean to me


Initials and hearts I later would carve

We had our first kiss beneath a great bough

In love together our hearts would not starve

Covered in shade we made our sacred vow


With bliss and joy our hearts and souls entwine

In our hearts this year there would be a shift

Feelings like this must be from the divine

A grand enchantment that no one could lift


Especially when in the autumn hue

What a pleasant tree saying I love you


Frosted winter winds would bring in the cold

Laughter and smiles would slowly stagnate

Our lives we could share long after we’re old

We still believed our love was oh so great


Joy and bliss that we now take for granted

Anger and spite blossoms with light of spring

Our hearts and souls were so disenchanted

Of love and life we no longer did sing


Together we make a house quite quiet

Our tree stands alone in the summer sun

Bark scarred deep with hopeful foolish striate

We feel then that our love has come undone


Across our yard the place we said I do

Just a pleasant tree saying I love you


We treasure the times we have some silence

When talking we would spit and scream and shout

Words and jibes that hurt far more than violence

Home and tree we said we could do without


In time we find such a noble wisdom

Toxic mindsets glamorized by gender

A life of spouse hatred is just so dumb

To vows we made we must now surrender


From the strongest branch we hang a rope swing

Again we laugh and sing with each other

Our lips our words our hearts do have no sting

Live and love and grow old with no other


Without your love I can’t be all of me

I love you is more than a pleasantry



© Copyright 2019 Alexander P. Huff. All rights reserved.

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